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Ladle Voting

The decision-making process for Ladle-related issues was sketchy at best before the voting system was in place. Previously, community members might make a forum poll or some complaint thread, and people would argue a point. Very little was ever accomplished and every change was a challenge to authority of sorts.

At one point, people began to question the nature of the Ladle rules themselves and the authority for which they had been created. [1] It was clear something needed to be done. By February 2009, just about everything related to the Ladle was in question again. A discussion of rules broke out, but this time it was about not just what rules we should have, but how to decide on them as a community.[2] Lackadaisical pointed out a vote from Ladle-16 where the teams successfully decided on settings.[3] Eventually it was decided to try out a quarterly voting schedule using the previous method from Ladle-16. The first quarterly vote coincided with Ladle-21 and has been used rather consistently, with great success. [4]

The process is simple. Every third Ladle, a discussion thread is created to talk about Ladle issues. Ideas are flushed out, argued, and generally put through the ringer. One week before the Ladle sign-ups close, a voting thread is created. The thread contains the choices for the teams to vote on. Only teams signed up can vote, one vote per team (if you have a large clan with 2 teams, that means 2 votes). Voting closes when sign-ups close.

Past Votes

Ladle Issue Choices Result
L-16 score_hole (1 point, 0 points) 0 points
2v2 Fortress Conquering (conquerable, unconquerable) unconquerable
scoring distribution (10/0, 6/4) 6/4
winzone / deathzone (yes, no, expanding, when?) no
team_max_players (6v6, 7v7, 8v8) 6v6
score_hole (1 point, 0 points) 0 points
scoring distribution (10/0, 6/4) 6/4
brackets / team placement (random, seeded) random
servers (random, balance of Euro/American) balanced
rotate finals between US/EU servers (yes, no) yes
coordinated server names (yes, no) yes
team must play with the names listed on the Challenge Board (yes, no) yes