Ladle 101

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The 101st TRONIC Ladle was won by Rogue Tronners on Sunday 10th, January, 2015!

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  • Crazy Tronners ( Plee, Owned (Plee@ct/jedi, owned@ct/senior), Cookie, Voodoo, Safari, Coco, Drag, Pike, Bilbo Lightning, Acid, Orly, Nub)
  • Cataclyzm (Andrei (abcd@forums), Bellum, DaWg, Modis, Z1nger )
  • Monsters Unleashed ( Agility, Zinger ( Agility@forums, ZiNgEr@forums), Soar, Lowkey, Kim Pine, Tronpaul, Bay, Revenge)
  • Super Smash Bros. (Young Link, Fox (Magi@forums, Pre@forums), Ice Climbers(Puma), Donkey Kong(Fini), Jericho, Krikio, Captain Falcon(Rudy), algid, wolf, appleseed)
  • Rogue Tronners (Overrated, vov (Overrated@forums, vov@forums), Shoebat, Poke'Master, Red, Force, DGM, Nanu, Nate, Soul)
  • Sparks and friends (Monkey, okra (Monkey@forums, okra@forums), nin, sinewav, nara, 2020, Word, Reno)
  • Wild West (Johnny, Syre (johnny.nbk.@forums, Syre@x), Sw1ss, gh05tly, TBA, TBA)
Ladle 101
Teams 7
Players 58
1st Round   2nd Round   3rd Round   4th Round   Finals
Kyle's NYC  Sparks and friends 1  
 Wild West 2     Kyle's NYC  Wild West 0  
Gene's GER  Super Smash Bros. x   Z-Man's FR  Super Smash Bros. 2  
 bye 1 x       Kyle's NYC  Super Smash Bros. 2    
Monster's Unleashed US  Cataclyzm x     CT LIV  Rogue Tronners 0    
 Monsters Unleashes x     CT LIV  Cataclyzm 1
CT LIV  Rogue Tronners 2   CT USA  Rogue Tronners 2  
 Crazy Tronners 0       Kyle's NYC  Super Smash Bros. 0
    CT LIV  Rogue Tronners 2
Gene's GER  Sparks and friends x     Gene's GER  Sparks and friends 0  
 bye 1 x      Cataclyzm 1     Monster's Unleashed US  Cataclyzm 1     Monster's Unleashed US  Rogue Tronners 1  
Monster's Unleashed US  Monsters Unleashed x     Monster's Unleashed US  Crazy Tronners 0      Wild West 0      Cataclyzm 0  
 Crazy tronners x      Wild West 1