Ladle 104

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The 104th TRONIC Ladle was won by WTF on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016!

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  • Crazy Tronners Open Team ( Plee, Pike (Plee@ct/jedi, pike@ct/senior), Drag, Yui (pm Plee on the forums if you want in))
  • Wild West (CompGuyGene, DaWg (compguygene@forums, DaWg@forums), Solut, sw1ss, Phantom, Cadi, Aleph,Hub, Omm, Ghostly )
  • WTF (Nate, Andrei (TheNate@forums, abcd@forums), vov, DGM, Poke, karas, Overrated maybe, mr ... )
  • Crescent Moon (Wh*$p3r, fragile (LOLhatred@forums, fragile@forums), Dawn, Ilias, Zone, Nuke, Martinyep!, MeRt )
  • Redemption (Soul, Gazelle (Soul@forums, Gazelle@forums), Ampz, Dreadlord, potter, concord, ... )
  • Sparks and friends (sinewav (sinewav@forums), OPEN TEAM ... )
Ladle 104
Teams 6
Players 37

1st Round   2nd Round   3rd Round   4th Round   Finals
Compguygene's GER  Crescent Moon 0  
 Redemption 2     Kyle's NYC  Redemption 0  
Kyle's NYC  Wild West x   Compguygene's GER  Wild West 0  
 ~bye~ x       CT LIV  Wild West / Redemption 1    
CT LIV  WTF x     Kyle's NYC  WTF 2    
 ~bye~ x     CT LIV  WTF 2
Compguygene's NYC  Sparks and friends 2   Compguygene's NYC  Sparks and friends 0  
 Crazy Tronners Open Team 0       CT LIV  WTF 2
    Kyle's NYC  Crazy Tronners Open Team 0
Z-Man's FR       CT USA  Sparks and friends x  
       ~bye~ x     CT USA  Sparks and friends 0     Kyle's NYC  Wild West / Redemption 0  
CT USA       Z-Man's FR  ~bye~ x      Crazy Tronners Open Team 1      Crazy Tronners Open Team 1  
       Crazy Tronners Open Team x