Ladle 113

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The 113th TRONIC Ladle was won by Numbers on Sunday, May 3rd, 2020!

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  • No Such Thing (raph (raph123@forums), Titanoboa, koala, Magi, Ninja Potato, Olive)
  • Numbers ( (misterplayer@forums), 2.eckz, 3.liz, 4.gazelle, 5.appleseed, 6.algid, 7.Ampz)
  • Challengers (Andrei (abcd@forums), Nate, Nanu, DGM, jericho, Roter)
  • Mild West (Cookie (cookie__@forums), Johnny, Pain, Nemesis, Agility, JamezFlamez)

  Semi Finals (18:00 GMT) Championship
  Kevin's US  Numbers 2  
Agility's US  Challengers 0  
  Agility's EU  Numbers 2
  Agility's US  No Such thing 0
Z-Man's GER  No Such Thing 2
  Agility's EU  Mild West 0