Ladle 123

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The 123nd TRONIC Ladle was won by Gangsters on March 7th, 2021!

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The ladle expanded to 7 teams (although one team ultimately had to forfeit their games. Paradigm and Twi×ted arrows tied in the opening stages of the tournament with two ties each, with Paradigm winning the deciding tiebreaker match to advance to the finals.

Recordings & Screenshots


Final Bracket

  Swiss Round 1
(18:00 GMT)
Swiss Round 2
(18:30 GMT)
Swiss Round 3
(19:00 GMT)
Swiss Round 4
(19:00 GMT)
(19:30 GMT)
  Z-man's GER  Wide Open Team 2 Agility's  dumb Tronners 0 Deso's NY  Team .uNknown 2 Z-man's GER  gangsters 2
 dT (dumb Tronners) 0  Paradigm 2  Bikini Bears 0  Team .uNknown 0
  Deso's EU  Gangsters 2 Deso's NY  Twi×ted arrows 2 Agility's  Paradigm 2 Deso's EU  Bikini Bears 2 Deso's NY  Paradigm 1
 Bikini Bears 0  Team .uNknown 0  Wide Open Team 0  dumb Tronners 0 Deso's EU  gangsters 2
Deso's NY  Team .uNknown 1 Z-man's GER  Wide Open Team 0 Deso's EU  Twi×ted arrows 1 Agility's  Paradigm 1
 Paradigm 1  gangsters 2  gangsters 1  Twi×ted arrows 1
  (bye)  Twi×ted arrows 1 (bye)  Bikini Bears 1 (bye)  dumb Tronners 1 (bye)  Wide Open Team 1


  • Team .uNknown (thxmp, Nate (thxmp@forums, TheNate@forums), uNk1, uNk2, uNk3, uNk4, uNk7 )
  • Wide Open Team (One-of-us (global-id), 20XX, Roter, Toasterbath, Ninja Potato, Katana, Stereo, Clear )
  • Bikini Bears (Agility (Agility@forums), iNAb, Bird, GluGGsel, Hades, orly?, Magic, koala)
  • Twi×ted arrows (raph, Deso (raph123@forums, Desolate@forums), olive, Andrei, dewdrop, ampz )
  • Gangsters (Al Capone (Shock@forums), Lucky Luciano(DGM), John Dilinger(smurf), Scarface(wolf), El Chapo (Kronkleberry), Jericho, Noodles)
  • Paradigm (Force, Over (F0RC3@forums, Overrated@forums), Johnny, Tx, Hall, Ritsuka, Nanu, Cadillac)