Ladle 124

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The 124th TRONIC Ladle was won by Dream Team on April 11th, 2021!

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With the addition of a last-minute open team, Ladle 124 kicked off with 5 teams competing in a 3 round Swiss format. This month saw a lot of regular finalists making it to the end, though with a slight shake-up in rosters and aliases.

Recordings & Screenshots


Final Bracket

  Swiss Round 1
(18:00 GMT)
Swiss Round 2
(18:30 GMT)
Swiss Round 3
(19:00 GMT)
(19:30 GMT)
  Deli's EU  équipe ouverte 0 Z-man's GER  équipe ouverte 0 Deli's EU  Dream Team 2
Sylla's NY  Dream Team 2 Sylla's NY  We love Ashitaka 2 Agility's NY  .uNknown 0
  Agility's NY  Paradigm 2 Agility's NY  Paradigm 0 Z-man's GER  Paradigm 0 Z-man's GER  Dream Team 2
Z-man's GER  .uNknown 0 Deli's EU  Dream Team 2 Sylla's NY  We love Ashitaka 2 Sylla's NY  We love Ashitaka 1
  bye  We love Ashitaka bye  .uNknown bye  équipe ouverte


  • .uNknown (thxmp (thxmp@forums), .uNk 2, .uNk 3, .uNk 4, .uNk 5, .uNk 6)
  • Paradigm (Force, Over (F0RC3@forums, Overrated@forums), Johnny, Tx, Hall, Ritsuka, Nanu, Cadillac, Magi, sine.wav)
  • Dream Team (Larry (raph) (raph123@forums), Michael (vov), Scottie (Andrei), Charles (Durka), Magic (Ampz), Karl (Orly))
  • We love Ashitaka (DGM (weloveashitaka@forums), kronkleberry, deso, olive, wolf, Fini, Capone)
  • équipe ouverte (20XX (2020@forums), ghostly, Stereo, TekeYoYo, GluGGsel, Milan, Agility sub...)
Ladle 124
Teams 5
Players 36