Ladle 47

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The Forty-Seventh TRONIC Ladle was won by Team Unknown on 3 July, 2011!

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Recordings & Screenshots

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Teams & Players


  • §ï¦¦ÿ þÛÐÐÿ (Thump, Spin (Thump@forums, INW@forums), 2020, Helena, JameZflameZ, Scorch, Syde, 'Syre', Zimblunk)
  • Dark Syndicate (Milan, Spook (Milan@forums, Spook@forums), Animal, ChrisGW, Zion, CruZ, Akizo, Divine, Doctor, Fate, Plage, Sunny)
  • Speedhax (Aíphaton, kult (Aiphaton@forums, helllo@forums), Magic, Flex, cyclo, rogerthat, Delta)
  • PRU (Word (Word@forums, ), Garial, Eggman, Fire, Sixzero, Ai , Hamar, Longball, Agility, Phenomenon, Daedalus, VonDutch)
  • TIC (toy, akira (bubble@forums, akira@forums), epsy, sine.wav, Vanhayes, subliminal.freq, tremor)
  • uNa (Stripes, Lawkey (Stripes@forums, ~Loki@forums), Tweezy, Tock, Az95, DGM,J-Dawg , Doritoz,Roy, Ben Kenobi, WillyWonka)
  • Meet Your Maker (eckz (Eckz@forums), bellum, chah, devicat, dimebag, envy, fini, insa, kairo, kim pine, liz, weed)
  • Next Generation (Titanoboa, Demon (Titanoboa@forums, Demon@forums), King, Kriki, Spica, Tech, box, <^w{}w^>)
  • DpG (Prema, 16 (premaDpG@forums, *16@forums), , flea, Ubuntu, baggins, edition, FroGGer, 4m1c0, Hell©ats Duffel, lampan, jameyjames04, pRo.BallA, Hunkules, CR7, MaDnEsS, pioniri, lowlyworm, holer )
  • Immortal Dynasty (Dal, Robo ( Dalsue@forums, Robo@forums), Coco, Jester, Arilou, Tsugaru, Alpha, Yoda, Scene, AvA, compguygene)
  • Tx (Hoax, Deso (Hoax@forums, Desolate@forums), Rudy, olive, Durka, Curbside, Karma, Speed, raph, Roterbaron, clime)
  • Dv (teen, acid (teen@aagid, acid@forums), first0v, subfoucus, swiss, plate, boxed, quack, a_nub,prestige, luck, )
  • Team.uNk (tls, Wildcat (, wildcat@forums), fingerbib, Potter, Luzifer, 0ma, NoobSaibot, bmg)
  • uNk.Team (noob13, MaZuffeR (noob13@forums,, Pr3, DrHouse, slash, Jip, dreadlord)
  • ~*Speeders*~ (FoFo, Psy (FoFo@forums, Psy@forums), mkay, viper, xyron, slov, nubilous, Free, algid)
  • Open Team (Lackadaisical (Lackadaisical@forums), CxDy, Poke' Master, over, jericho, garisimo, ADD YO SELF gurl.)
  • CTa (Woned, Gonzap (owned@forums, Gonzap@forums), mb53, puuquie, wap, emmy, safariskater, theroze, cronix)
  • CTb (apparition (apparition@forums), gazelle, btd, punk, pike, orly?, voodoo)
  • Already Dead (koala (Pre@forums), dariv, eber, syllabear, vov, zat)
  • Rx (dukevin (dukevin@forums), iNoob, Slyfoxx)}
Ladle 47
Teams 20
Players 183


  • All games are best of 3 matches (the first team to win 2 matches advances to the next round).
  Opening Round (17:00 GMT) Sweet Sixteen (17:45 GMT) Elite Eight (18:30 GMT) Final Four (19:15 GMT) Championship (20:00 GMT)
  ID's DE  ~*Speeders*~ 2  
   TIC 0  
ID's DE  Immortal Dynasty 0
 TIC 2  
  ID's NY  ~*Speeders*~ 1  
  ID's DE  Team.uNk 2  
  ID's NY  Team.uNk 2
   Open Team 0  
 Open Team  
  CT's MBX  Team.uNk 2  
  ID's NY  Meet Your Maker 1  
  CT's MBX  DpG 0
   PRU 2  
  CT's MBX  PRU 0
  CT's USA  Meet Your Maker 2  
CT's USA  uNa  
  CT's USA  uNa 0
   Meet Your Maker 2  
 Meet Your Maker  
AoT  Team.uNk 2
CT's MBX  Speedhax 0
  CT's LIV  CTa 0  
   Speedhax 2  
CT's LIV  Speedhax 2
 uNk.Team 0  
  CT's LIV  Speedhax 2  
  ID's KS  Dark Syndicate 0  
 Dark Syndicate  
  ID's KS  Dark Syndicate 2
   §ï¦¦ÿ þÛÐÐÿ 0  
 §ï¦¦ÿ þÛÐÐÿ  
  AoT  Speedhax 2
  CT's LIV  Tx 1  
 Next Generation  
  AoT  Next Generation 2
   CTb 1  
  AoT  Next Generation 0
  uNk's  Tx 2  
uNk's  Dv 0  
 Already Dead 2  
  uNk's  Already Dead 0
   Tx 2