Ladle 65

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The Sixty-Fifth TRONIC Ladle was won by Redemption/% on 6 January, 2013!

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  • RoadRunnerZ (Zero, Vinny (0000@forums,, Chop, Fipp, Magi, Misny, Nub, Space, Wolf)
  • RoadRagerZ (Rotc, Siege (, Torment@forums), Gftis, Lari, Meg, Oreo, Plee, Stereo, Vex, Vital)
  • Redemption/% (Soul, Vov (Soul@forums, vov@forums), Appleseed, Dreadlord, Eckz, Koala, Roter, Subfocus, Brok3n)
  • Immortal Dynasty (Dal, Coco (Dalsue@forums, Coco@forums), Agent007, Alpha Male, Anthony, Arilou, Compguygene, Demos, Equinox, Ez-bake, Fujitsu, Lil b, Robo, Sin, Soapy, TRON-Bot, Tyler, Vim, Vulpix, ~Sparx~, ?Zimblunk?)
  • Velocity (Gazelle, Taz (Gaz@forums, Taz@forums), Synergy, Hypnosis, DrAg, Apep, FrankE, SoAr, Shadic, Oak, Brice, Opara)
  • OOps (6ead, Andrei (AshitakA@forums, Andrei_35@forums), Zion, Kalle, delarge, Night, RaG3, Xine, Modo(maybe), Donald Duck (maybe))
  • MYM (Devicat, Vogue (devicat@mym, Vogue@mym), Chah, Elmo, Jericho, Pyrrhic, Raiden, Rugkei, Sinewav, Spin, Weed)
  • Crazy Tronners Alpha (Woned, Cronix (owned@forums, Cronix@forums), Voodoo, Animal, J-Dawg, Safari, Gonzap, Beer, Acid, MB53)
  • Speeders (Aiphaton, ogopogo (Aiphaton@forums,, 3B, AI, Syre, Soska, Slick, kult, teen, insa)
  • <P)hoenix (Venijn, Lowkey (,, Bilbo, Bytes, Delinquent, Fenith, Nagi, Sixteen, tux )
  • Revolver (Concord, free kill (Concord@forums,, Bellum, Durka, freako, Hoax, preSsure, Olive, Xyron, 1200)
  • Rogue Tronners (Poke' Master, Overrated (PokeMaster@forums, Overrated@forums), Shoebat, Titanoboa, Monkey.D.Luffy, Animuson, Lackadaisical, Red, DGM)
  • uNk (HoHoHouse, ppotter (DrHouse@forums, ppotter@forums), fingerbib, slash, akira, tls, Pr3, Wildcat, Hi, Jip, Mister, Vein)
Ladle 65
Teams 16
Players 161

  Octa Finals (18:45 GMT) Quarter Finals (19:30 GMT) Semi Finals (20:15 GMT) Championship (21:00 GMT)
Z-Man's  Rogue Tronners 2  
 Help! I'm Trapped! (Open Team 1) 0  
  rZ 2
 Rogue Tronners 2  
   Speeders 0  
rZ 2  Speeders 2
 <P)hoenix 0  
  AoT UK
rZ 2
 Rogue Tronners 2  
   MYM 0  
AoT UK  uNk 2  
 Crazy Tronners Alpha 1  
  AoT UK
 uNk 1
   MYM 2  
AoT NY  Crazy Tronners Beta 0
 MYM 2  
  rZ 1
 Rogue Tronners 0
   Redemption/% 2
uNk  Revolver 2  
 RoadRagerZ 0  
  rZ 1
 Revolver 2
   Misfits (Open Team 2) 0  
rZ 1  OOps 0
 Misfits (Open Team 2) 2  
  rZ 1
 Revolver 0
   Redemption/% 2  
CT LIV  RoadRunnerZ 2  
 Velocity 1  
 RoadRunnerZ 0
   Redemption/% 2  
CT USA  Immortal Dynasty 0
 Redemption/% 2