Ladle 68

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The Sixty-Eigth TRONIC Ladle was won by uNk.Team on 7 April, 2013!

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  • MeetYourMaker (devicat (devicat@mym), chah, Jericho, ogopogo, orion, Roter, rugkei, sinewav, spin, weed)
  • OOps (AshitakA (AshitakA@forums), Zion, Kalle, delarge, Hobbit, Shiro, Night, Donald Duck, garisimo, Lunatic,..)
  • Immortal Dynasty (Dal, Coco (Dalsue@forums, Coco@forums), Puzzle, Monkey, Absol, Prive001, Robo, Arilou, Compguygene, Suicidal, ?G5?, Panther)
  • RoadRunnerZ (Vital, Nub (, Nub@forums), Vinny, Magi, Space, Siege, Chop, Xed, Oreo, Axon, Necro)
  • φοίνιξ phóinīx (Venom, Lowkey (,, bilbo, delinquent, Fenith, L00$er, Metal, Nagi, Peat, RaGe, tak, theo, Wood)
  • Fort Players of the Western Wild (Hallucination, Capone (Hallucination@forums, Shock@forums), Doritoz, Tweezy, Paladin, Cookie, Apep, Destiny, Tronpaul, asdf)
  • Rogue Tronners (DGM, Poke' Master (DaGarBBaGeMAN@forums, PokeMaster@forums), Monkey.D.Luffy, Red, Overrated, Fipp, Matoso, Elmo)
  • 2ogue Tronners (Titanoboa (Titanoboa@forums), Shoebat, Tobe, Oddeuro, Force, Nuby, Pyrrhic)
  • Redemption (appleseed, dreadlord (Zenith@forums, dreadlord@forums), Boxed, Brok3n, Eckz, Raph, Soul, Subfocus, Vov, Wolf, Vein)
  • Crazy Tronners (Woned, Cronix (owned@forums, Cronix@forums), J-Dawg, Acid, Fate, Pike, Orly, Gonzap, Voodoo, Mac, Beer, Sunny)
  • uNk.Team (DrHouse, Vogue (DrHouse@forums, Vogue@forums), Gazelle, Mister, Potter, Slash, Wildcat)
  • Team.uNk (Pr3 (Pr3@forums), Ratchett, Hi, Jip, Aiphaton, Thump, Noob13)
  • Revolver (Hoax, free kill (Hoax@forums,, Bellum, Concord, Durka, freako, Olive, Rudy Can't Fail, Xyron, 1200, ¢×Ð¥)
  • Speeders (Syre, Ai (,, Slick, Soska, Free, Cyclo, K, Delta, Mkay,...)
Ladle 68
Teams 14
Players 137

  Octa Finals (17:45 GMT) Quarter Finals (18:30 GMT) Semi Finals (19:15 GMT) Championship (20:00 GMT)
Renegade's  RoadRunnerZ  
 RoadRunnerZ 0  
   Crazy Tronners 2  
uNk  Crazy Tronners 2
 Team.uNk 0  
  AoT NY
 Crazy Tronners 1  
   uNk.Team 2  
AoT NY  Immortal Dynasty 2  
 Fort Players of the Western Wild 1  
  AoT NY
 Immortal Dynasty 0
   uNk.Team 2  
CT LIV  2ogue Tronners 0
 uNk.Team 2  
  AoT UK
 uNk.Team 2
   Rogue Tronners 0
Loki's  Rogue Tronners 2  
 Speeders 0  
  AoT UK
 Rogue Tronners 2
   φοίνιξ phóinīx 1  
AoT UK  OOps x
 φοίνιξ phóinīx x  
  AoT UK
 Rogue Tronners 2
   Revolver 1  
rZ  MeetYourMaker 0  
 Redemption 2  
 Redemption 1
   Revolver 2  
Z-Man's  ~bye~2~