Ladle 98

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The 98th TRONIC Ladle was won by m&m on Sunday, October 4th, 2015!

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  • Happy Fun Time! (One Eyed Sam (OneEyedSam@x), The One Ring, shiny, storage opal, Modis)
  • Crazy Tronners (Acid, Plee (ItzAcid@ct/leader, Plee@forums), Bilbo, Coco, Pike ,Drag, Gonzap, P4, Luiso, Cookie, J-Dawgg, hall, Emphasis, Voodoo, House, Nub)
  • ProNabs (Andrei, Vov (Designer@forums, vovh@x), Cyclo, Deso, Razikha, G5, Gazelle, Dewdrop)
  • Death By Distraction (Akali, Eggman (Akali@forums, Eggman@forums), Clover, kill3r, Cipher, Charizard, Click)
  • Wild West (Compguygene, Echo (Echo@forums, compguygene@forums), Dawg, Dorit0z, Cadilac, Sw1ss, Pulot, Blue, Murder)
  • Rogue Tronners (Red, Overrated (THEred@forums, Overrated@forums), Shoebat, Poke'Master, Force, DGM, Fipp, Nanu, olive, Nate, Magi)
  • Sparks and friends (Monkey, okra (Monkey@forums, okra@forums), GT350, nara, 2020, sine.wav, Toast)
  • m&m (mister, appleseed (misterplayer@forums, Zenith@forums), vein, koala, algid, eber, quantic, Delta, Oparachukwu, Wolf)
Ladle 98
Teams 8
Players 73

  Quarter Finals (17:45 GMT) Semi Finals (18:30 GMT) Finals
  Compguygene's GER  Rogue Tronners x  
 Happy Fun Time x  
  Compguygene's GER  Rogue Tronners 2  
  CT's USA  Crazy Tronners 0  
CT's USA  Crazy Tronners 2
   Death by Distraction 0  
    Compguygene's GER  Rogue Tronners 1
  Kyle's NYC  m&m 2
  Kyle's NYC  ProNabs 2  
 Sparks and Friends 0  
  Kyle's NYC  ProNabs 0
  Z-Man's  m&m 2  
Z-Man's  Wild West 0
   m&m 2