Ladle Frameworks

From Armagetron

There are several alternative frameworks, one of which will be decided up on by Sat 24th June. We therefore have a month in which to put forward suggestions, all entirely positively, so that a working model may emerge which satisfies the following conditions:

Minimise organisation and maximise game-play!
Self- organised
NO centralised control, NO over-riding authorty, merely a coming together of team-players.
We have to have a final and a winning team to award the Ladle to this time.
Future- proof
The design is expandable within the Tronic progression leading eventually to a competition with 1,000,000 players.

one-day ladle framework

Players all collect together on the 1st July 9pm GMT. Team-captains meet in a chat room and challenge one another to games, they assemble their teams and play the best of 3, all within 45mins. With 16 teams initially, the quarter-finals start at 9.45pm GMT, the semi's at 10.30pm GMT and the final deciding match at 11.15pm GMT the best of 5 to finish around about 12pm GMT. There need to be 8 fortress servers to be able to run the initial first round matches simultaneously.

another framework

Write a blurb here of how you think we can organise ourselves, perhaps over a few weeks, perhaps a month, with or without seeding rounds, or using the results from the Tronic Spoon, etc.
Eg, Gnorty came up with this in the forums:

Each team has a nominated captain. The team captains have 3 days to arrange a match day between themselves. then teams that don't agree a time forfeit. I suggest arrangements could be made in an open forum so that should one team be unco-operative inthis the other teams dont have to suffer.

yet another framework

Another blurb and page-jump to a completely different way of doing it. Variations are possible within each proposal.

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