Laid to Rest

From Armagetron

Laid to Rest is a CTF team founded by Orion. Starting on Brawl 23 they got into semifinals lossing against Rogue Tronners 1-2, the next tournament they got in the first final and they loss 1-2 against EA clan. The last two Brawls LTR won showing supremacy. Laid to Rest is an elite team that wants to beat all records around CTF, at the momment the plan is going on.

Brawls played: 5

Brawls won: 2

Finals played: 4

Worst result: semifinals

Matches won: 17

Matches loss: 7

Rounds won: 7

Rounds loss: 3

Former members

- Ampz - Gazelle - Goban - iNoob - Orion - Ousous

Casual players who took part of us: Vov(4 rounds) , Marshmellow(1 round), Nanu(1 rounds), Camaro(1 round), Gftis(1 round).

Rest in Peace.