Loose Dogfight Tournament

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Loose Dogfight Tournament 2 - Saturday, Febuary 5th, 2011 Round 1 starts at 1:45pm EST

Sign-ups are ARE NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!!! Sign-up deadline is Febuary 1st, 2011

If you wish to provide a server please make sure you will be able to meet all the Server Requierments!!!!!!

General Information


  • This is the Loose Dogfight Tournament.
  • The tournament will be held every month starting January 2011.
  • Times and brackets listed Febuary 1st, 2011
  • You will also find official settings and guidelines below.


  • This is a 2v2 tournament. Single elimination
  • Teams can consist of a Team Leader, Player, and Sub
  • The winner of each 2v2 will be the first team to 20.
  • Reffs decisions are final. If a ref is not present Talk out weather or not the trap was clean, but be fair!!!!!!!!!!
  • Keep track of score manually.
  • If the team you're facing is a no show wait at least 10 minutes then it will count as a forefit and you win by default.
  • Be friendly and have fun.

Server Requierments

  • All Team Leaders must have at least Moderater in the server, for the day.

Just a few universal settings.

cycle_rubber 8

cycle_rubber_time 1

cycle_ping_rubber 0

cycle_accel 7

cycle_brake 13

cycle_brake_deplete -1

cycle_wall_near 5

cycle_speed 17

cycle_delay 0.03

cycle_start_speed 12

cycle_rubber_mindistance 1e-10

cycle_rubber_mindistance_gap 0.5

teams_max 2

team_max_players 2

walls_length 500

sp_walls_length 500

walls_stay_up_delay 0

size_factor -4

real_arena_size_factor 0.453553

score_win 0

score_suicide 0

score_kill 1

limit_score 15

explosion_radius 0

win_zone_expansion -1e+15

win_zone_minutes_round_time 1e+12

limit_score 20

Also re-name server to LDFT2 (name) Include your name so people can know which server is which.


you can not sign up for this tournament after January 4th, 2011 Sign-ups are OPEN The first 8 teams to sign up get spots.

First Round
Team Name Team Leader, Global ID Team Member Sub
Pro-Noobs Zinger, ZiNgEr@forums Soul Magic
_~Rogue Tronners~_ _~R~_Noob, GuessWho@forums _~R~_Pro _~R~_Sub
Real Df'ers $ynergy, $YN3R6Y@forums Tsugaru Life
Teen teen, teen@forums Player_9 Undecided
-=Redemption> AC/DC, AC/DC@forums Disco, Disco@forums TBD
- sa. sa.zat, zat@forums sa.hm sa.mh
Havoc LoveLace, LoveLace@forums To be announced To be announced
German Force 66, Cube@forums Kuba -


If you feel like you know the basic rules of loose df and which traps are clean or not we always need more refs. Refs can play in the tournanment and we will organize it so that you wont be reffing at the same time your supposed to be playing. To volunteer to ref place your name and Global ID (name@forums) below. We also would greatly appriciate if a few people not playing in the tournament would sign up to referee.

Zinger | ZiNgEr@forums

Soul | Soul@forums

14 | Drago@forums


If you have a dogfight server and would like to let us use it for LDFT 2 to help the tourney move along a little faster add your servers name below. Servers can not be added to list after Febuary 1st, 2011. Some simple requierments to provide a server. The server must meet the Server Requierments listed above. Also you must give all the referees at least moderater for the tournament (either make them mod for the day, or you will have to show up before each match someone is reffing and /op them to mod), you may take powers away after the tourney is over

Server List

Loose Dogfight Tournament(Divine) Loose Dogfight Tournament (Rouge)


Times will be posted on the Table First round starting at 1:45pm EST If your 2v2 last longer than the times listed on the table below, just take your time and finish the 2v2. The tournamet will just end a little later.


*If the Team your facing is a no show wait at least 10 minutes then it will count as a forefit and a win for you.

First Round
Team Name: Score Team Name: Score Referee Server Time: EST
German Force :20 sa. :10 Zinger Divine 1:45pm EST
Real Df'ers : 15 Rd : 20 Soul Rouge 1:45pm EST
Havoc :6 R :20 14 Rouge 2:15pm EST
Teen :10 Pro-Noobs :20 Divine 2:15pm EST

Team Name: Score Team Name: Score Referee Server Time: EST
German Force : 20 Rd: 13 Divine 2:45pm EST
R: 20 Pro-Noobs: 19 Rouge 2:45pm EST

Team Name: Score Team Name: Score Referee Server Time: EST
German Force: 12 R : 20 Zinger Rouge 3:15pm EST


To make changes to the bracket Please click EDIT HERE

  Opening Round (1:45 EST) Semi Finals Finals
  Divine  German Force 20  
 sa. 10  
  Divine  German Force 20  
   Rd 13  
Rouge  Rd 20
   Real Df'ers 15  
    Rouge  German Force 13
   R 20
  Rouge  R 13  
 Havoc 6 (quit)  
  Rouge  R 20
   Pro-Noobs 19  
Divine  Teen 10
   Pro-Noobs 20