Match coordinator module

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Basically, it's a module to make organized matches or tournaments easier to organize. Anybody could set up a match in 10 minutes.

Goals and features

  • Basic match organization admin commands
  • Automated, or remotely-organized matches, when connected to a Match Coordination Server

Concept Overview

There's two entities: the server, and the match coordination server, which we will call MCS.

A server admin is free to choose it's own MCS, either one just for his server, one for some servers, or a big network of servers interconnected trough an MCS. The server will poll the MCS once in a while(TBD) and identify to it(using AAGID) to check for upcoming matches or other useful information, like an arbitrary mesage, eg. the results of another match if we're in a tournament, or to communicate information it gathered(eg. match scores).

Detailed Concept Points

Communication between the server and the MCS

The communication between these entities will be done trough the AA Match Coordination Protocol(AAMCP), which is defined later in this document0

Communication protocols involved


Used from here. TBD

Admin interface and settings

This part depends on New setting structure and New admin UI and therefore can't be detailed now.

Further Ideas

Adapt this to tourneys, and the MCS would store the results, team names, date of matches, list of scores by players... ?

  • Belongs to the way one implements an MCS, not the way the game reacts to the protocol, IMO --epsy 11:59, 25 November 2008 (PST)
  • <- This is what (the system, not the display) I have in mind as a final product. K-Yo 12:59, 8 January 2009 (PST)