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This page shows the current menu layout of the stable build ( - March 2009). Below the menu overview is a list of problems with the current menu. Please contribute to both.

If menu items appear unclear or their function is not understandable, feel free to ask/point that out too.

Current Menu Layout

Each Menu has a subsection which is then split into it's submenus. If anyone finds a way to link directly to each subchapter please change it.

Main Menu

>Player Setup
>System Setup
Exit Game


>Local Game
>Network Game
>Game Setup
Exit Menu

Local Game


Network Game

>LAN Game
>Internet Game
>Network Setup
>Server Bookmarks
>Custom Connect
Exit Menu
LAN Game


Internet Game

Server Browser

Network Setup

Player Setup

>Player 1
>Player 2
>Player 3
>Player 4
Viewports: Single
Assign Viewports to Players
Exit Menu

Player 1

>Input Configuration
>Camera Input Configuration
>Camera Setup
>Instant Chat Setup
Players per Team
Name Team After Player
Specator Mode
Hide Global ID
Global ID
Auto Login

System Setup

>Display Settings
>Sound Settings
>Misc Stuff
Exit Menu


Shows version and lists relevant Armagetron directories and project admins.

Concord's Menu Layout

What Concord changed for the Fortress Client

Problems with the current layout

The list should be list the most important use cases and problems first. The goal is to allow frequently accessed menus to be accessed with least click/key presses (user friendly). It is undecided if it is wise to hide seldom used features behind other "advanced game options" menu items. Generally the changes should not confuse or alienate (existing or new) users.

current problems

first startup - setup wizard

  • Epsy: first time entering asks for username, player color, car and whatnot
  • Epsy:scrap the select language part
  • PinkTomato: I want to keep language selection.
  • PinkTomato: Maybe the first start up should be to choose between a z,x,c standard key binding or up,down,left,right etc.
  • joda/epsy: first time entering asks user if he wants to configure username, player color, car now?
  • joda: the newer clients just use the local user name for player name (which is ok too)
    • joda: Is there a "Player 1" BUG on windows ?

menu layout

  • Epsy: my idea: make the server browser the main menu
    • Epsy: well, for these users that don't say anything, there's still the Local Play button.
    • PinkTomato: Server Browser as main menu: I don't want to wait 50 seconds for the game to ping something I don't want to be playing would be annyoying :(
    • Epsy: @PinkTomato: if you don't want to play an internet game, just click local game?
    • PinkTomato: local game/LAN should not have to wait for (internet) server browser
    • joda: I don't want all people to be "forced" into the server browser.
    • joda: A user might not want his boss / firewall admin to know that he just fired up armagetron :D (at work)
  • joda: Starmenu shortcut to "online gaming" instead of browser as main menu
  • joda:restructure the current menu entries (according to player use cases?)
  • Epsy: implementation problems: you cannot customize menu items /Nothing can add an entry to a menu (?)
  • Epsy: It takes 3 submenus to actually get to the server browser
  • Epsy's main menu: Play Online, Play on LAN, Practise, Options, Exit
  • PinkTomato: Difference between Preferences (with sparks, Sky) and Detail Settings is not clear to me.
  • PinkTomato: Sky settings seem to be more of a detail settings though
  • PinkTomato: Turning sound off should be easier, Currently you use Sound Quality option
  • PinkTomato: Detail settings => Performance settings
  • PinkTomato: Difference between Preferences (with sparks, Sky) and Detail Settings is unclear.
  • joda:I want menus to focus on main use cases e.g. I don't want to hide/remove the single player / local game options.

general menu

  • PinkTomato: no or less delay for Tooltip help for the menu items
  • joda: Rename "Preferences" to "Customize Gameatmosphere"
  • joda: Rename "Detail settings" => "Quality/Performance" ?

server browser

  • PinkTomato: Loading the server browser in its current state blocks the user from doing anything


User:joda, ...

Future Menu