Mini WC Tournament

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Date : 07 march 2010 ( this sunday )

Game Played GMT
First Game 19:00
Second Game 19:45
Third Game ( Finals ) 20:30
Battle for 2nd place 21:15
Battle for 3rd place ( optional ) 22:00

To check what's the current gmt time click : Greenwich Mean Time

Server Info:

Server Name: WildCat Tournament hosted by MB53

Server Address:

Server Version: 0.2.8-sty+ct_alpha20100218 unix dedicated

Server Location: London, UK

Hosted by: luke-jr

You may encounter lag

Tournament Physics ( configuration applied ):

Wildcat Physics with different scoring: you get 1 point for killing an enemy, no point for tk-ing, and surviving team gets also 1 point.

First team to get to 25 points wins. First team to win 2 matches wins the game.

Every team has a maximum of 3 active players ( so matches will be 3v3, with a total of 6 players fighting at the same time ) and 2 backups. If one player can't make it or has any other reason to leave, a backup can replace him/her.

To Join:

Talk to a team leader. Team leaders are picked by the tournament administrator, in this case: dead/karas. So if you wanna be a team leader contact him.

The Challenge Board:

It looks like this :

  First round Second round
Time 1       
  Time 3     
Time 2     

It will be filled using pseudorandomness ( for first round ) on sunday

Reward ( for first place ):

Free tickets to Fairy Land

Check again later for more info


Team #1 : Barenaked Ladies

lady maria ( team leader )

lady lucy

Team #2 : Psyche

MB53 ( team leader )



fail ( backup )

Team #3 : Mario Bros

mario ( team leader )



yoshi ( backup )

Team #4 : Solid Clan

tade ( team leader )



box ( backup )

Results WCT 07.03.2010

  First round Second round
19:00 GMT  Mario Bros 2  
 Solid Clan 1  
  20:30 GMT  Mario Bros 0
   Barenaked Ladies 2
19:45 GMT  Barenaked Ladies 2
 Psyche 0  

Winners: Barenaked Ladies with lady maria ( karas/dead ) and lady lucy ( speed ). There was no battle for 2nd place so other teams are : Mario Bros with mario ( craze ), luigi ( raph ), peach ( kat ) and yoshi(schism); Psyche ( no unknown player ) and Solid Clan. First game was a complete mess so it shouldn't count. Mario Bros qualified for nothing. The rest was lag.