Natural Born Killers

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The clan Natural Born Killers, .NbK., was founded in 2008 as a CTFS clan by a joke. A player named Ratchet wanted to create a new clan, so he proposed the name Natural Born Killers, but only as a joke. The player beanerTRON, in a joking mood as well, put on the tags. But once he saw that a lot of players wanted to join for real, he decided to make it an official clan. Ratchet abandoned the idea, made fun of beanerTRON for creating it, and from then on become a foe of beanerTRON and .NbK.

For some time beanerTRON, the leader of the infant clan, went around promoting the clan. A player known as decided to join the clan and make a forum. After this changed his name to Ghostly, and became co-leader. With the new forum and leaders, the clan started to get some members, but they were mostly noobs. Yet with some training and experience these players became good and made the clan reputable. During this time the clan began to expand outside of CTFS, until they played in almost all divisions.

The clan was beginning to dominate many divisions, but it was only as strong as it's best player, beanerTRON. With him in wars, they won a lot, but never entered into tournaments. During the last few months of it's time in 2010, .NbK. remained stagnant, and eventually lost some of it's better members. Then, once the leader, beanerTRON, decided to leave, the clan slowly became less and less active and was on the brink of dissipating. Many records were set in it's name.

When NbK was down to its last few loyal members, Ghostly felt it was Vital that immediate action be taken to ensure the survival of the clan, so he made a deal with Nand, Former leader of Sk, a rival shooting clan and the current leader of Hackers Association, which was also having inactivity problems. They both mutually agreed, that a merger of the two clans was necessary. Once the Deal was done, and the terms set, NbK Merged with HA to become the HÅX0R5 Å550Ci4Ti0n


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