Object of the Game

From Armagetron

The best way to understand the game is to watch the film Tron.

You ride inside a lightcycle. It leaves a trail behind you of solid light. You can only turn left or right 90˚. You can not stop.

The object of the game is to trap your opponents, causing them to crash into your or their own trails. To learn how, go back to The Basics.

Armagetron Advanced

The game you are playing adds something unique to the mix. If you manage to align yourself close to a trail, you accelerate. The closer you get, the faster your acceleration. This gives you the edge when you go head-to-head with an opponent.

In addition, there are one or two unique formats to AA, one of which is The Fortress. Based on a simple endzone variation, an entire new level of gameplay is offered. Two teams of up to 8 players working together to protect their own zone and finding a way to enter the enemy zone.