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<P)hoenix Clan

The <P)hoenix Clan was founded on March 6th, 2012 by Venom, following the dissolution of the former Swift Clan by Titanoboa earlier the same day. Originally intended to house the former Swift clan mates, this plan was soon shelved when it failed to materialise immediately. Upon recruiting [][4m|cO][], a different direction was formed. Instead, <P)hoenix became a different project. In 2012 October the clan had some big, drastic changes. The clan was streamlined, and has begun to live out some of the success it aimed for. In 2013 the clan continues to grow and compete successfully in fortress tournaments, such as Ladle 72 and 74 where Phoenix got to Semi Finals.

Phoenix is opened at the moment, if you wish are about to apply, do so here. We have enough active players so contact us for a war/challange.

The clan dies on 14th January 2014.

<P)hoenix Roster

<P)hoenix Roster can be found here.

The <P)hoenix Group