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<P)hoenix Clan

The <P)hoenix Clan was founded on March 6th by Venijn, following the dissolution of the former Swift Clan by Titanoboa earlier the same day.

Originally intended to house the former Swift clan mates, this plan was soon shelved when it failed to materialise immediately.

Upon recruiting [][4m|cO][], a different direction was formed. Instead, <P)hoenix became a different project; one which would seek to offer a pathway into pro fort for those who may not otherwise play it, opening the doors for new untapped talent.

It is opened for new applications. Join our Recruit Group to improve and became a real Phoenix member. We are always ready for a friendly challange, so just contact us!

It currently thrives with 29 members, under the leadership of Venijn, Sixteen and Metal.

The <P)hoenix Group