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  • The "Tilt" (Monthly High Rubber Tournament) takes place every month, last Saturday of the Month.
  • The "Tilt" will be for 3 player teams
  • The Third "Tilt" will take place on Saturday, January 28, 2012 1pm EDT 6pm GMT

*** SIGNUPS can be found at Assemble

Tilt Back Talk

Please write pretty much anything you want below either about your experience of the event or how we can make it better for next time. Any information or ideas that you have are CRUCIAL for a successful run of any kind of tournament.

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We should have the next one be 3 vs 3, for one it would make more teams which is always more fun, and it would be alot less lag.

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Pilot Tilt

Please press the blue edit button next to Pilot Tilt and post your comments.

tyler: Just wanted to say..........YOU DA MAN PsYkO!!!!!!!!!!!

BlackFang: Yay We win ^.^

You should do a 12 Team Tourny with 4 players on each team. :) Love, Solar

I know not everyone will have the same opinion, but I was impressed by the first Tilt. However, everything that could go wrong DID! Howeverx2, all of those problems can be easily fixed.

First we had one team to forfeit, they even signed up on the day of the event and only H2H invasion was around to play. Come on now, nearly EVERYONE else showed except that team. You guys really started off the problems for me, I had to squander to get a team for ToGa to play. Then we found out that iZm server can only hold 8 positions, therefore we need at least ONE new server to play on. Then ToGa had to move to ID server since SP newbies had a bye and everything was almost starting to get going. H'h vs Legitimate skills was going VERY well..I think only 3 people total did not show up between the two teams. Then another problem arised, QUARG (who hosts both the ID server and the H'h server, with two matches being played on them, started to download pr0n lol. For some reason all of the pings were in the mid hundreds and really no one could play. ToGa decided to disperse and wait for the semifinals since their opponents Arilouforfeited by not showing. H'h vs Skills then moved to SP server when we FINALLY got going at around 7:50. Took a while to finish but at least we got it done right! H'h beat Skills 2:0, both close matches. Then H'h started to play SP Newbies, and the slim nothings of Toga played SP Elders. Again server problems, H'h vs SP Newbies was going fine until the server suddently crashed, that game never got going again probably because of frustration due to all the problems. SP Elders beat ToGa 2:0 and would have then moved to finals but then I decided just to let the tournament go since it is just the Tilt Pilot (The first tilt isn't until September 9th, 2007)

SO NOW WHAT DO WE DO? Well me, Artifice, and Quarg do all the hardwork to make sure Tilt 1 is something to be marvelled. All you need to do is come here (which you already are) and post your comments/concerns/suggestions. I heard a couple saying it should be 3v3 or it should be 20 pts instead of 30. I won't really look into it unless you post HERE!! Then I will have it all in one place all in writing and it will make my job easier.

  • We will now need another server other than iZm because we found out it can only have 8 max_clients. Maybe XzL will doante their server or I can have Manta (host of speeders server) to host another server on Tilt day. (Speeders server was the only reliable one)
  • Sign Ups for the next Tilt will be open in two weeks, Ladle day, two weeks before the next Tilt. More specifically, Sunday 26th of August.
  • I will also work on implementing the screenshots and hopefully soon the video of the matches. If you do have ANY screenshots of the matches, please host them on imageshack or photobucket FIRST, and then send them to gogodsmackgo@hotmail.com

Well that's all I can think of..Trust me, my biggest fear was that not many people would show up, and thankfully we were relatively successful in that department. Don't worry, Tilt 1 on September 9th will be A LOT better we just need you to trust us. OK? Most of the problems will be fixed, it is a granted we will have problems the first time we try to do this.

And again, post your feedback here IT IS IMPORTANT Artiffice: So much stuff you wrote! ;)

'h was in their second round of tilt when Quarg cut off the lights and everything went dark. Everyone was content with the smoothness of that server. 4 vs 4 or 3 vs 3 i dont think is the issue cause of attendance. 30 points in 2 out of 3 matches can take some time. I recommend 20 if you want to do tilt in 1 evening. All the participants and in interest generated shown by spectators that didnt wanna go away indicated to me that this was a blast!!
This would be cool. 3 Players. 3v3. 30 minutes to play your match. But with the amount of people that want to join we would need like 16 servers xD. I'm content with the 5v5, and I'd probably be content with the 4v4 too, but 3v3 is really pushing it. The ladle is played 8v8, you guys have no idea what lag is :P LOL

ok so what happend was that when i got home you were all on my test server that i setup for testing the tilt settings for id. psyko asked me why it was laggin so much i told him that it was just a test it wasnt meant for the tilt. then i setup the real id server for it to work with tilt settings and asked him to move you over to that one but you guys seemed to be ok there. but later on i hit players on my tilt server and i saw that no one was there so i shut it down but i seems like you were still in there. might have been a little delay before i got the player list. srry for the inconvenience, the next time all shall go as planned. the id rubber server has been setup for tilt. just plz tell me the day before so i can change it over to tilt. i just dont get why it didnt take place in sp after that you had trouble with izm. it would have been easier for psyko to set then id.

WildCat says: heres a picture from my fight [IMG]http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k149/Jefe_02/Picture19.png[/IMG]

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