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THE LEGEND OF PwN *The Official Version*

Once upon a time in a time not so long ago in a land not so far away, there was this wonderful world called WW CTF Shooting. At first everything was happy and full of goodness. Everyone just had fun together all day. But this goodness could not last.

Some people started forming clans to force others to join their clan or be faced with death at the hands of the combined power of the clans. However there were a few people who remained without any clan. These were the UPHOLDERS OF JUSTICE; these were the most powerful people in the game. Their names were: Exp, Shade1, Batman, Navy and The Emo. These players would change any team for the better and none of the clans were able to get them to join them. They could hold their own against any team including the combined power of the clans. Through this they all became good friends and equals. However this peace could not last either...

The clans grew more powerful and bonded together; the UPHOLDERS OF JUSTICE were no longer able to save their beautiful land. Then under divine inspiration Shade1 decided it was time for the clan-less to join a clan. He founded PwN with the help of his brother, Eni1. Together they tracked down the last of the UPHOLDERS OF JUSTICE and got them to do what they had done for no one else: they pledged their loyalty to PwN. Together their combined strength was so great that no one was able to stand up to them. They restored equality and peace to their beautiful world, and they will reign forever.


written by Exp



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Final message to PwN

PwN first began with a group of 10 members who played ctfs for fun, all got along, and were known as ctfs' finest. They quickly established themselves as the best. They participated in clan wars and tourneys, yet remained unmatched. It has now been a year since the creation of PwN and our members are slowly dwindling away. PwN has had it's fun, yet must give way to the next generation of clans. The ones that had remained until the end: Shade1, Eni1, Exp, Rav, and Kate, are to me the most loyal members ANY clan could've had. They are great players and any clan would be honored to have any of you play for them. PwN's great run has come to an end, and we are all going to miss it. PwN has left a mark in the ctfs world, and will not be easily forgotten. When PwN started, there was but one other ctfs clan and there rarely was a full server. Nowadays, the ctfs remains full and there are MULTIPLE new clans that now include a ctfs division. I am going to miss you guys, but I am sure I will see each and everyone of you on the court in the near future. PwN has reached the end of its run, but we cannot say we didn't have fun reaching it! I hereby disband PwN.



R.I.P. 8/24/08

Forever Undefeated

Long Live |PwN|