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  • The "Tilt" (Monthly High Rubber Tournament) takes place every month, last Saturday of the Month.
  • The "Tilt" will be for 3 player teams
  • The Third "Tilt" will take place on Saturday, January 28, 2012 1pm EDT 6pm GMT

*** SIGNUPS can be found at Assemble

High Rubber Tilt

Fortress is certainly a great leap for Armagetron, but contrary to popular belief, it is a relatively new game play. Before the double-grind, the spinning zones, or even the forced team play, there was one choice you made: High or Low? I'm speaking of the amount of rubber you favored, of course. Even with the extended history of simple high and low rubber in Armagetron, it is greatly shadowed by the "new school" of fortress. Don't believe me? Look at the competitions on the Wiki. For this reason, I will allow high rubber players to self-organize their own "ladle-based" tournament that will be played on one day, over the course of several hours.