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The Yellow Submarine Tournament

On Saturday, 21st May 2016 @ 7 pm GMT
Sign-ups open

fog: winner of 4th tourney

General Information


After The 1st YS Tournament held on 9th June 2013 (Winner: Mr) and The Christmas Special YS Tournament played on 21st December 2014 (Winner Lesnar) the Bs Clan presents The 3rd Yellow Submarine Tournament on Saturday, 14th May 2016 @ 7 pm GMT.
"Look at time zones below"

Big thanks to Mirage for hosting the server! The tournament will be played on Classic settings + anti-stab.

There will be qualification rounds played on the server each with 8 players consecutively. Player limit is therefore 16 but can be extended if needed. The bottom two players of each round drop out from the tournament; the rest advance to the next round. The final round will be top 4 and winner take all.


"This tourney shall be an open one. There are two things a referee will punish: Running and closing. The referee will decide which touch or stab has been intentional or unintentional. As well the referee will also decide which behavior counts as running. No discussion on decisions. The referee will explain some if he thinks that is needed. If you violate the rules the referee will warn you. If you violate the rules a second time the referee will kill you therefore instead and might give the won points to the disadvantaged one (and even might respawn him). Trust the referee. He is for the game."

Main Referee --> BsTrust

Tournament will follow Classic rules and regulations.


Sign up here!

Sign-ups will open on '14, May 2016. Sign-ups made earlier are invalid.

Add your name here if you want to participate. First 16 to sign up will participate. Further sign-ups may be substitutes. It's recommended to sign up with player name AND global ID here:

Sign-up (OPEN)

 x. name  (GID)
 1.  BsYui (
 2.  fog
 3.  PtMario
 4.  Kat (pussywillow@forums)
 5.  CDBubb (BubbleGumPilot@aagid)
 6.  BsNoone (Noone@aagid)
 7.  Revx
 8.  Vox
 9.  sPotato
 10. TheDelta@forums
 11. Papa
 12. DøFace (RaigerElde@forums)
 13. karas
 14. Reno (Enix@forums)
 15. goy
 16. AceX


 name  (GID)

Check for example if you need a GID!

How To Sign Up

On Saturday, 14th May at 7 pm GMT, sign-ups will be opened.

Signing up via wiki: Just edit this page and write your name (and GID) into the sign-up list above.

Publishing time/date will be decisive for starting place distribution.

Challenge Board


"These times are not precise"

Tournament will be held on Saturday, 21st May 2016

(24 HOURS) PST (GMT-7) EST (GMT-4) UK Time (GMT+1) CET (GMT+2)
Qualification Round 12 pm 3 pm 8 pm 9 pm
Final 2:00 am 5pm 10:00 pm 11:00 pm

(time conversion here)



Group A Alive? Group B Alive?
BsYui yes fog no
fog yes Kat yes
CDBubb yes BsNoone yes
RevX yes Vox yes
Reno no Delta yes
Papa no DoFace yes
twee yes Reno no
goy yes AceX yes

1st Round

Group C Alive?
Fog yes
Delta yes
Kat no
BsYui yes
Vox yes
AceX no
CDBubb yes
Revx yes
DoFace yes
goy yes
BsT_T yes
twee yes

2nd Round

Group C Pts
fog yes
BsYui yes
Delta yes
Revx yes
BsT_T yes
goy yes
CDBubb yes
twee yes
Vox no
DoFace no

Quarter Finals

Group C Pts
fog 0
BsYui 0
Delta 0
Revx 0
BsT_T 0
goy 0
CDBubb 0
twee 0

Semi Finals

Group C Pts
fog yes
Delta yes
BsYui yes
twee yes
RevX no
BsT_T no


Group C Pts
fog yes
Delta no
twee no
BsYui no