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Chronological tracking of TRONIC's development over the years.

Official Revisions

There have been several revisions to TRONIC. Revisions are somewhat of a consolidation of changes that have naturally accumulated or are in the process of accumulating. The revisions, somewhat like merging code, brings them into the core and integrates them fully.

The original idea (TRONICv1) was presented to Wolverine, Ghableska, and Mazuffer through Skype in order encourage immediate feedback. Initial responses included disbelief, practical considerations, and enthusiasm.
A week later, the same group met to discuss more details (TRONICv1.1). Responses included the formation of a network of developers, and the inherent importance of enabling uninterrupted playy. The group disbanded after serving its purpose, to initially receive the idea, and to open up the idea to the community in general.
The original format of TRONICv1.2 was designed to encase any formulation and alternative branches, but it was subsequently changed to accomodate the working solution for the spoon competition. TRONICv1.3 went as far as the Fourth Ladle before a major revision was made by ˚˚rain and 2020. TRONICv1.4 was continued, successfully or not, for 14 Ladles. A light revision (TRONICv1.5) was made by Concord as he attempts to revise TRONIC and plan a Bowl. TRONICv1.6 is current being developed.


Competition is the center of TRONIC. Below are the TRONIC competitions run to date.


The thinking behind TRONIC is quite grand. A lot of writing about it has been done.