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The thirty-second Team Sumo Tournament will be played on Sunday February 25th, 2024

General Information


  • Each team is allowed only 2 Players. This is a 2v2v2v2 tournament.
  • Team editing will be locked after the brackets are up.
  • If you have played a match with a partner, you are NOT allowed to join another team as you have already locked yourself with the previous team by playing with them.
  • On the day of the event, team captains are allowed to replace there teammate if he does not show up.
  • Each team has 5 minutes after the posted time to be ready or they will be forced to forfeit. If the other team is in a match from a previous round in the tournament they will have 8 minutes after the match to get their team ready and the match started.
  • Be friendly and have fun.


  • The first team to win two matches advances to the next round.
  • 1 team advances from the Opening Round, 2 advance from Semifinals to Finals
  • First team to reach 900 points wins a match.

Server Settings

RESOURCE_REPOSITORY_SERVER http://resource.hashpickup.net/
RINCLUDE epsy/sumo/TST/game-2010.09-2.cfg
RINCLUDE epsy/generic/teamcolors4-1.0.aacfg.cfg
RINCLUDE TST/auth.cfg(http://resource.thekore.tk/TST/auth.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0x99bccfTeam Sumo Tournament 0xaaaaef( 0x65bcbcPlayer 1's Server 0xaaaaef)


Please use the following templates when signing up

US Template

{{TSTUSExt|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|@Global ID|Teammate's Name|http://teamwebsite.com}}

EU Template

{{TSTEUExt|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|@Global ID|Teammate's Name|http://teamwebsite.com}}



Global Moderators

To sign up to be a global moderator, PM Nelg in advance :) Server Donators will automatically be placed under here.

  • Rnoodles@forums
  • aP|Nelg@forums




Challenge Board


Opening Round Starting Time

GMT: 18:00 (6:00PM)
CET: 20:00 (8:00PM)
EDT: 14:00 (2:00PM)


to edit please visit Brackets

  Opening Round (19:15 GMT) (1 team advances) n/a Semi Finals (20:15 GMT) (2 teams advance) Championship (21:15 GMT)