TST 23

From Armagetron

mTST-6 was won by mr and appleseed on Sunday, August 30th!


  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) (2 teams advance) n/a Semi Finals (18:30 GMT) (2 teams advance) Championship (19:00 GMT)
Deso's NY  Cantsee not even sure if roter will show up  
 Dunk & Donuts Commission  
Deso's EU  spanglish Definitely Playing
 Say Cheese! :D Follow me on IG  
  Deso's NY
Deso's EU
 Say Cheese! :D Ateam  
   cantsee League of Tron  
  Deso's NY
 Say Cheese! :D Ateam
   Potato Power COVID-19
Z-man's  French Toast Potato Power  
 Anchormen Ateam  
Deso's NY TWO  COVID-19 Nieukerk-City
 League of Tron Cracker  
Deso's NY TWO
 Potato Power spanglish
   COVID-19 not even sure if roter will show up  


  1. Anchormen | Ron Burgundy(Magic2@forums), Brick Tamland(syllabear@forums)
  2. Commission | Fat Tony(desgorn@forums), Iceberg Slim(carnage@forums)
  3. League of Tron | Malphite(Nanu Nanu@forums), Nocturne(Fini@forums)
  4. Follow me on IG | wolf(woof@Forums), fipp(Fippmam@forums)
  5. Say Cheese! :D | Gromit(Olive@Forums), Wallace(Desolate@forums)
  6. Dunk & Donuts | Dunk(dduunnkk@Forums), Donuts()
  7. A-team | Andrei(abcd@forums), Nate(TheNate@forums)
  8. Nieukerk-City | [NC]Felix(obsession@rx), [NC]Kackpo(dimension@rx)
  9. spanglish | dewdrop(orion@forums), raph(raph123@forums)
  10. COVID-19 | corona(mr)(Covid19@forums), virus(apple)()
  11. Potato Power | Ampz(Ampz@forums), Koala(Koala@forums)
  12. not even sure if roter will show up | jericho(Jericho@forums), roter(RoterBaron1337@forums)
  13. cantsee | dirtywindow(dirtywindow@forums), brokenglass()
  14. French Toast | baguette(baguette@forums), toast(ToastDog@forums)
  15. Definitely playing | Force(F0RC3@forums), over(Overrated@forums)
  16. Cracker | RitZ(RitZ@forums), Punish()