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About banning -- AA supports it now. Well, I am not entirely sure what it does but I have a bans.txt file in my config dir.

-- nemostultae

I wonder what it does. --Lucifer

BAN                          Bans the specified player from the server (kicks him first) for a variable time in minutes.
BAN_IP                       Bans the spedified IP address from the server for a variable time.

I wonder if there is a 'forever' setting.

-- nemostultae

Who wants to be my guinea pig? Failing that, maybe we can just get zman to document this for us? :) --Lucifer

It is documented :) I the "Network Play" documentation page, there is a section on kicking/banning. To ban someone forever, just ban him for 10^20 minutes. The docs fail to tell you: the time argument of the BAN commands is given in minutes; in bans.txt it is stored in seconds. --Z-Man

Man, we need to get the in-game docs synced with the wiki somehow.

Besides that, instead of transcluding a list of server variations (most of which aren't even available on real servers right now, some which require code patches and shouldn't even be listed), can we get actual settings and how-tos to tell people how to setup these variations? The list that's there isn't helpful in the context of the page, and it was never intended to be put on 'this' page anyway. --Lucifer 00:02, 27 August 2006 (CDT)