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There ain't no amount of damage a little respawning won't fix.

Ok, fine, I'll jump on the "page that says good stuff about me" bandwagon.

Stuff That's my Fault in Armagetron Advanced

  • Embedded web server (still in progress).
  • New Sound Engine (still in progress).
  • Miscellaneous patches taken from what's been given by people in the community.
    • Headlights (disabled), from Jonathan.
    • wrtlprnft's original bar gauge patch--work that wound up turning into the cockpit instead.
    • *DEAD* marker (heh), combination of Cristi and wrtlprnft
    • Voltsubito's announcer and explosion samples. Some other new sound effects, most of this falls under the Sound Engine heading as well.
    • Raoul Duke's song, played while in the menu system, When the Glass Breaks.
    • Probably others I've forgotten.
  • The release of v0.3.0 (as release manager)

Stuff That's indirectly my fault in Armagetron Advanced

i.e. stuff that I've participated in the development process without coding. Actually, I may have done some coding, but it's always stuff that I started knowing/intending that someone would take it over and bring it fruition.

  • Cockpit (basic design and initial implementation were largely to my vision)
  • Fortress zones (actually, more general zones from which fortress sprang as the capture-the-flag style game we could reach now)
  • The new font (just something I started to show that it can be done, wrtlprnft finished it after I did only two glyphs)

Pages I've contributed to on the wiki

Actually, you'll find my writing pretty much permeates the wiki. Look at the history tab, it would be a shorter list for me to list pages I didn't start. A much shorter list. That is, if you don't consider the tournament pages that are generally created, edited, and maintained by the participants in the tournaments.

Here's a list of pages I like that I started, many of which are still mostly written and edited by me.

There's more. I don't know, it's kind of silly for me to try to list what I want to take credit for on the wiki. It makes sense for others, but I've done too much at all levels here, if you really want to know, check the history tab. The first listed item is usually the original author of the page, and many of them say Lucifer.

Stuff I've done for the game outside the project, also stuff that didn't require coding done for the project

  • aaDaemon, a python program that manages multiple server processes.
  • My very own game server
  • Host of the wiki
  • Hourly backups of the svn repository
  • ACME, the Armagetron Advanced Map Editor (not completed, not released, doesn't support maps post-
  •, a log file scanner that finds ip addresses for users. Rendered obsolete by changes in the log format in

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