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Heh, thanks Nemo, I was going to come over and ask for camera settings that people cna just copy and paste into their user.cfg files. :) -- Lucifer


Hey, i added a couple to ;) im tryin to help out here best i can, just learnin how you guys want it formatted..


I added my own. Any resolution suggestions? I just used 320x200 like the others, at low quality. -- Jonathan

Personally, I'm inclined to have larger pictures, like my own resolution of 1280x800, but 1024x768 or 800x600 will probably be fine. I'd also like to have all the bells and whistles turned on graphically, but just having most will be fine. I'll probably go through and update any that are less than that, but I'm happy to have them! :)

You already saw how to move it to the right and make it a thumbnail, I take it? The wiki is smart, it scales thumbnails to a set resolution and makes them clickable to a larger version, which in turn is clickable to a larger version if available. So don't sweat it with large resolutions, the wiki is smart.


Yep, I saw that. Uploaded a 1280x854 screenshot. -- Jonathan