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Please don't delete this stuff

If you guys don't want to use the wiki for this, that's fine, but please don't delete this stuff. It's actually in your best interests to leave the old content, because it shows that you actually ran a tournament. Removing it from the wiki wipes the slate clean, along with whatever credibility you had. It's best to show an established tournament. Anyway, we'd prefer content not be removed like this. You should just add a blurb to the top saying "This is for the first tournament, new tournaments are being handled <here>", or create a new page and let one of the admins around here know that you want a redirect and we'll rearrange as needed.

Anyway, someone (probably me) will revert this within the next couple of days and you guys can figure out a better way to get your message across. --Lucifer 02:38, 18 October 2006 (CDT)