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A Tronny is an award given to community members for outstanding achievement, lack of achievement, or doing nothing at all. The Tronny Awards are held annually at the end of ever year, or at least they are supposed to be. It is a very sketchy tradition. Ideally the awards will be given out over the holidays, sometime around Christmas or New Years.

Tronny Awards Procedure

The former procedure involved the entire community in a fully open and transparent fashion. All that was required was a single Tronny enthusiast with good organizational skills, time, and the dedication to make the event happen. These days someone just gets a few people together in private and creates the awards. In 2023, Tronnys were based on #Pickup stats.


The Old Method: A self-appointed Tronny MC will start a clearly labeled discussion thread. Using a title such as "20XX Tronny Categories and Nominees | OPEN" is a good start. This tells the community "Hey, it's Tronny time! Let's talk about what categories we should have and who should be nominated." If everyone is paying attention the discussion will be fruitful. The Tronny MC should create the discussion thread well in advance of the actual Tronny Awards ceremony and a few weeks before the voting starts. Starting the discussion sometime in November is good. This allows enough people to see the thread and respond with their thoughtful, creative suggestions. The MC should clearly state when the discussion ends and when voting begins. Also, they should remind the community to follow these helpful guidelines:

  • Limit your nominees to one deserving person per category. If two tronners are submitted for a single category only the first should be counted.
  • Do not submit categories without nominees. If a new category is created make sure it meets the following criteria:
    • The category should not be redundant or too similar to an existing category. We don't need a category for "best cutter in Fort" when cutting itself is a prerequisite of being a good attacker.
    • The category should not be vulgar, racist, or sexist. Be creative and fun with your categories and try not to me mean.
  • Only categories with more than one nominee will make it on the ballot. Be thoughtful when making a category and choose one that will easily fit more than one nominee. For example "best project god" is too narrow and can only have Z-Man as a nominee (and winner).
  • When picking categories and nominees, think about the whole community. Armagetron is more than just Fort/Sumo and Clans.

Community members can nominate themselves. Why the hell not? It's a Tronny, not an elected office. The MC might start the thread with his own categories and nominees and perhaps provide a template with popular categories to copy and paste. When the time for discussion ends, the MC should thank the community and label the thread closed. The categories and nominees must be gathered from the discussion and presented in a well-organized, legible ballot. Here is an ideal Tronny Discussion Thread as an example.


Like the discussion thread, the Voting Thread should be started well before the Tronny winners are announced. Early in December is a good time to start a vote. The voting portion of the Tronnies requires much time and organization by the MC. This is because transparency must be maintained while protecting the secrecy of the votes. To avoid accusations of fraud or favoritism the MC much show there are no more votes than voters and each voter must be able to verify their vote. This is accomplished with voting receipts. The process is as follows:

  1. Voters PM the completed ballot to the MC.
  2. Voters must also post in the voting thread to confirm their vote has been placed.
  3. The MC records their vote and gives them a receipt in the form of some random alpha/numeric identifier.
  4. The MC must keep track of the votes and receipts.
  5. After the vote is completed and winners announced, the vote tally and receipts should be released to the community.

The MC should disregard ballots with new categories and nominees. Also, nominees can vote for themselves (for the same reason they can nominate themselves). In case of a tie, winners will share the award. Tronnies are awards given for recognition. It is not a competition. Here is an ideal Tronny Voting Thread with ballot.


So Majesty! Very angles!

The Tronnys originated in 2010 with the player apparition, assisted by Woned, Desolate, and an unknown number of other players. The forthcoming awards were announced on December 31st to be decided by a secret committee and the winners revealed sometime later.

"These fortress/sumo community awards, or Tronnies, are based on the entire year of 2010, no earlier and no later."~apparition

As owned explained a few posts later, the secret committee was comprised of members of the active Fort/Sumo Clans/Teams and categories/nominations were limited to this range due to the fact the committee didn't know much outside of it. The first Tronnies were generally well received with a small handful of community members feeling a little turned off due to it being secret, narrow, and in some cases, mean spirited.

The following year's Tronnies did not fare nearly as well as the first. The secret committee did not have the same enthusiasm for the project and nominees were not announced until nearly a month after the categories. Instead of adding suspense, the delay caused the novelty to wear off. Others lamented the lack of diversity and bias. Community members deeply questioned the methods. Committee members appeared to fight among themselves. Everything was generally hostile, which further damaged interest in the Tronny Awards. Still, after the winners where announced there was much rejoicing.

Tronnies in 2012 were an abject failure. After receiving harsh criticism of the 2011 awards, apparition opened the Tronny selection process to the public. However, interest was at an all time low and participation was slight at best. Apparition disappeared from the thread (and the game) leaving the Tronnies abandoned. While the 2012 Tronies started on time, two months past without a single award given. On July 31st of 2013, orion tallied up the votes and revealed the winners. No one seemed all to excited about their awards except for chrisd who is excited about everything (so that doesn't really count, right?). A few days later, Soul announced he would take over the Tronny Awards and run it with a secret committee. But this was proven to be easier said than done.

The 2013 Tronnies started with all the grace of a category 4 hurricane making landfall. Soul and orion followed the original formula, but the community and atmosphere had changed. The original group of 2013 categories and nominees suffered all the problems previous Tronnies had (centered too narrowly on Fort/Sumo, lack of diversity in nominees, apparent bias, etc...) and without any of the clever and fun "current event" style categories. After a few rough pages of personal attacks, sinewav stepped in with an alternative solution meant to bring the Tronny Awards back into the open. Soul gave it one more shot before sinewav usurped the Tronny Awards like the absolute overbearing jerk that he is. At the time of this writing it is not clear how the 2013 Tronny Awards will play out. However, participation and enthusiasm is fairly high. Hopefully this year will teach the community valuable lessons on how to improve this tradition. It will be interesting to see how the 2014 Tronny Awards will be run.

After a long break of inactivity the community was revived in 2020 and those Tronnies went well. Player Olive utilized and Google spreadsheet and sinewav collected the votes through a webpage form as was done in the past. A lot of the discussion happened in the official Discord server.

No one remembers the 2021 Tronnies.

We all forgot about Tronnies until player Nanu spontaneously handed out a bunch for 2023 based on stats from his #pickup server. Everyone rejoiced. Sinewav was so inspired he 3D printed his own Tronny even though he didn't win, which is basically fraud if you think about it. We don't give out awards for the runner-up.

Awards By Year


Tronny winner
Button Masher Andrei
High Rubber Player Daya
Rubber? I Hardly Know Her AshitakA
~*Speeder*~ Thxmp
Brake Happy Hades
Brake Not Bound Mikemacx
Lone Ranger Xobsile
Surrounded Jam
Clutch or Kick koala
Barber Ninja Potato
Conqueror Ampz
Going Up Ninja Potato
3rd Sweeper AshitakA
Wanderer Eskimo
In the Zone olive
Free Points Collector Ampz
Point Printer Ampz
Point Donator subliminal
Come in My Hole! eeZ
Crevice Crusader Ampz
Center Slayer Gazelle
Center Sender stereo
Early Center doov
Late Center Wind
Uncuttable Wind
Zone Saver Wind
Hidden Hermit orly
Brittle Bastion Nanu
#1 Sub Nelg
Smoke Break pizza
Serious Gamer Ampz
Points in a Match Nelg
Points in a Round Jam, pizza
Kills in a Match Nanu, Ampz
Kills in a Round Wind, dani, Nanu, Ampz, Johnny
Deaths in a Match subliminal, Eskimo
Center Success in a Match Gazelle
Cuts in a Match Ninja Potato
Top Speed Ampz


Tronny description winner runner-up honerable mention
MVP Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need. deso Z-man cadi
Drama llama What came first, the drama or the llama? wolf over ladle 130
Needs rehab Grid addict N tonymaNz
Redemption Arc Literally Vegeta magi wind
Dankest memer SCHPLORFED magi schplorf
Funniest Makes you F4 ashi magi
Most LOL!'s per minute Spams F4 NoBrain apple wolf
Best instant chat Only idiots keep their instant chats at default values. hello gamer :3 LOL! #worthit
Badmin Literally Hitler olive magi nelg
Unintended custody Our surrogate parent/mod sine deli pdbq
Most impressive unimpressive player It's super effective! nelg stephen shauma
Most unimpressive impressive player It's not very effective! koala johnny ppotter
Eyegauger Ugliest turns raph andrei xdude, drag, snip
Esoteric etch-a-sketch Visual ASMR noodles olive N
Golden voice Regular ASMR Syllabear Screally vov, dray
Wingman Best attacker jeri vov
Gatekeeper Best sweeper wolf ampz olive
Rock solid Best defender wind andrei ampz
Follow the Garibahn! Best center dgm deso megan
Captain Favourite team captain thump wolf johnny
Snip Snap Cleanest cuts ampz vov
Zoomer Fastest olive magi nanu
Boomer Shares 9gag memes raph sine
Doomer Just looked up g5 jam
Clutch king Look at the cleanse, look at the moves! olive ampz jeri
Freestyler Does not do this or do that. ashi lueur N
Innovator Changed the meta ampz+wolf sweep nanu grinds
Slippery gypsy Won't be caught by regular Pokeballs. dgm wolf
Spiteful digger Audibly curses while spending rubber force thump
Trainee Most improved wind nelg shauma, sine, pdbq, thump
So you think you can maze? Cleanest mazer noodles apple ampz
Hello gamer :3 The cunt that makes you glance olive nanu force
Cucklord Cucks your win while going last andrei nanu stereo
Tunnel rat Kwisatz Haderach jam magi nate
PT king Certified outside corner grinder magi stephen vov
Disconnected Needs a sub stereo ghostly noodles


Category Winner(s)
biggest upset karas, txa1/magician
love to see lose mister, apple
love to see win ashi, johnny
cleanest cutter deso, vov
cleanest mazer carnage, ampz/kronk/noodles
ugliest turns raph, coni/johnny
competitive MVP mister, vov
best center fort dgm, mister
best defender fort nanu, dew
best sweep fort olive, magi/wolf
best winger fort vov, jericho
best newcomer fort smurf, jam
most improved fort dino/smurf, kronk
best attacker sumo mister, jericho
best defender sumo appleseed, ampz/carnage/wolf
best newcomer sumo smurf, teke
most improved sumo smurf, cadillac/johnny
best instant chat "Can Olive Maze?", "I've seen deso cut this before?"
biggest boomer raph, comguygene
most random rager appleseed/roter, titanoboa
cutest couple cookie+meg/mr+apple, wolf+smurf
dankest memer magi,
punch in the face jericho/magi, roter
drama llama titanoboa, taz
most beloved johnny, capone
needs rehab wolf, dino
unbind chat key appleseed, dino
soothing voice capone, noodles
favorite tronner to have in server wolf, omm/shoe/noodles
funniest shoebat/olive, wolf
rustiest bucket durka, shoebat
should come back from retirement hoax, wap
most missed event CTF, Brawl
most underrated gamemode CTF, CTWF/Fasttrack
community mvp deso, nelg
overall mvp Z-man


Category Winner(s)
Fortress: Best Center DGM
Fortress: Best Attacker VoV
Fortress: Best Sweeper Wap
Fortress: Best Defender 3B
Fortress: Most Improved Plee
Fortress: Faster fort attacker Syre
Fortress: Fort MVP (Best Overall) VoV
Sumo: Hardest to Kill wap
Sumo: Biggest Coredumper gazelle
Sumo: Most Improved fippmam
Sumo: Best Mazer Xyron
Sumo: Best Singlebinder Appleseed
Sumo: MVP (Best Overall) Wap
Sumo: Favorite server Void sumo experience EU
CTF: Best Attacker Ampz
CTF: Best Support Nanu & Tobe
CTF: Best Defender Camaro
CTF: Most Improved Doface
Styball: Best Shooter Gonzap
Styball: Best Ball Handling Gonzap
Styball: Best Defender or Goalkeeper Pike
Noteworthy Contribution To The Community Sinewav
Noteworthy Contribution To Tournaments Elmo (received posthumously)
Best Clan Forums Crazy Tronners
Clan with best servers Crazy Tronners
Most improved Clan/Team Phoenix
Best dying Clan/Team Speeders
Most Improved Player Wolf
Rookie of the Year Nanu
Nicest Tronner chrisd
Most passive player b3n
Best comeback fofo
Inactive Tronner We Miss emmy
Best Overall Tronner VoV
Most Addicted Tronner theo
Tronner who uses way to many aliases Drag
Most suicidal gazelle
Biggest Flamer RoterBaron
Best catch phrase "Lag and the fact that you suck"
Most accomplished bot modis
Sexiest Tronner Chinchilla
Sexiest voice sinewav
Horniest Tronner cxDY
Best Tron Blog Tron Times v2 by Venom
Top Tron Writer Concord
Should Never Happen Again Tronic-Gossip Tumbler
More Commits Than A Sanatorium LOVER$BOY
Crazy Arma Tool maker Durf
Ladle Elf kyle


Category Winner(s)
Sexiest Eber
Get puched Liz
Rookie of the year Wolf
Best predictions Cronix
Veteran of the year Lacka
Friendliest Chrisd
Spamer Chrisd
Obsly awesome outside tron 3b
Player we want back Clime
Most addicted Wolf
Most improved appleseed
Funniest RoterBaron
Citizenship Sine.wav
Best racer Woned
Worst racer everyone
Best inactive Durka
Best defender Luffy
Best sweeper Poke
Best attacker Vov
Best center DGM
Most influential Concord
Best singlebinder Wap/Dreadlord
Best sumoer Wap
Clan we miss most TX
Best Ladle 49,63,64
Best TST team Wap-Liz
Biggest upset Baylife
Most influential clan Revolver
Most improved clan Redemption
Best clan Rogue Tronners
Fort MVP Vov


Category Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
Sexiest raph
Needs to Get Punched in the Face Liz
Best Predictions Cronix INW
Veteran of the Year FoFo Durka
Rookie of the Year VoV appleseed, gazelle
Flowers! chrisd psy
Sir Spam-a-Lot theroze, swiss, cody
Best Extremely F-cking Long Electronic Music Mix Creator MB53 sine.wav
Player who disappeared in 2011 that we want back! RudyCan’tFail, madmax, flex, 1200, liza/0ma, Tsugaru, beanertron, Wildcat, Spook, nara, freako
Open Team Tronny AshitakA, garisimo, chrisd
Most Influential Concord MB53
Occupy Arma Phytotron sine.wav
Most Improved Gazelle VoV
Most Addicted MB53 Hoax
Best Tronny Statue Creator Word
Best Singlebinder dreadlord Lackadaisical
Best Inactive Durka madmax, PsYkO
Best Defender insa wap
Best Sweeper slash wap
Best Attacker FoFo, Gonzap
Best Center Woned ppotter
Best Sumoer wap Xyron
Fort MVP ppotter Liz
Most Valuable Poster presented by Z-Man sine.wav

"Simple criteria a bot could evaluate: no warnings on your head, not a developer, most posts in 2011. Somehow, sine managed to post more last year than most others manage in their whole career and demonstrated that you can have disputes and controversy without low blows or trolling."

Ladle 50 Speeders
Best Team/Clan Forums or Site
Best WST Team Name Powerpuff Girls
Worst WST Team Name Chronically Pour Beer Over Elmo
Team/Clan We Miss Most Tronners Unlimited, Dark Syndicate
Biggest Ladle Upset/Best Ladle Surprises

1) Ladle 48: vs TX , 86 - 34 to TX... wins!
2) Out of nowhere TX wins Ladle 44... and then wins Ladle 45
3) Ladle 52: Swift beats CTa in the FIRST ROUND
4) mYm started to win... a lot...

Best WST Team HORD Music Lovers
Best TST Team Liz/Wap
Best Ladle 50 47
Most Influential or Innovative Speeders mYm
Most Improved uNk, mYm
Best Overall Speeders mYm


Category Winner(s) Runner Up(s)
Most Addicted Tronner Mb53
Has a Thorn in his/her Ass Phytotron Lizmatic
Most Influential on the Tron Community sine.wav Concord
T.I.L.F. Sunny
ih there. no talk lyk tis. srs. nao. kay? kay. srs fays. Spamme_~R~_ Clan
Players who Disappeared in 2010 that we want back! Tadd, Psyko, Hoop, Oblivion, Liza
Needs to Get Punched in the Face Lizmatic, Sasori, Vogue, Gawdzilla, Deadmau5
Best Inactive Tronner Durka newbie
Tronner Who F*cking Curses the Most Syllabear Deso
Friendliest Tronner chrisd Fofo, Nelhybel
Old Guy Who Just Doesn’t Quit compguygene Radian
What the **** did he Say? Orion Fini
Spaaaaaaaaaaaaam. Mecca chrisd, Magic
Best CT forum Stalker Deso MB53
Best Comic Writer Cosmic Dolphin
MediaTronny Pr3
Best Ladle Ladle 31
Best Sumo Tournament WST 6
Best WST Team Rudy/Punish/Beaner/Durka Gonzap/Wap/Lacka/Puuquie/Emmy, Deso/Woned/Xyron
Best TST Team Justin/Madmax
Biggest Ladle Upset Oracle beating Speeders in Ladle 39 PRU beating uNk in Ladle 34
Most Improved Tronner Potter Titanoboa
Most Improved Clan/Team uNk R
Worst Ladle Team FTW dBd
Most Influential on how the Game is Played Flex Epsy
Best Singlebinder madmax Lackadaisical
Best Defender Emmy Luffy
Best Center Woned Liza, Titan
Best Sweeper Slash FoFo
Best Attacker Gonzap Potter
Sumo MVP Xyron Rudy
Fort MVP Woned Titanoboa
Most Influential Clan/Team Speeders CTa
Most Innovative Clan/Team uNk Plus, Speeders
Best Overall Clan/Team Crazy Tronners Speeders