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About Me

Hello, I'm Pre or also known as Koala. I currently live in a rather small village near Cologne in Germany and I'm 19 years old. Some of my hobbies are Basket- and Football, driving Go-Kart and mixing Cocktails. My favorite Football teams are VfB Stuttgart & AC Milan. Moreover I enjoy watching TV series like Prison Break, White Collar and Navy CIS.

Tron History

I started playing Wildcat/Yellow Submarine back in 2006, kind of casually until the end of 2007, where i joined zaTs first Clan (KsD), which died like half a year later due to the lack of competition in that server, so I moved on to Capture the Flag. Since CTF has similar physics like Yellow Submarine, i improved fast and joined ~'U. in 2009. However, there wasn't much to do in CTF, so when connor, an old friend from Wildcat that i've played with for 3 years, moved to Sumo, i joined him and started playing Sumo & Fortress. At that point, i basically played every Division there was, so i left ~'U. and created some Clans with zaT and Tru like LocoFighters, Still Alive and Zirka, which i debuted with on Ladle 35. Zirka died shortly after though, and i concentrated on Fort & Sumo, playing for Open Teams and Teams that lacked players for some month. Meanwhile zaT & connor recreated Still Alive, and at Ladle 40 we formed a Team (Survivors) with them and some players like Windrider. I joined them shortly after and led their Fortress Division for a while, but since most of their members weren't really interested in Fortress, i took Psys offer to join Speeders and led the second Speeders team, now known as "Speedhax" for some while. Half a year later, the Speeders-Clan made some decisions which i wasn't completely happy with, so after a lot of talking with Flex, Psy & FoFo, i decided to leave. At about the same time Still Alive died, so I and the "Fortress Division" of Still Alive decided to make a last Ladle-Team called "Already Dead". With those Members, zaT, Eber, vov, dariv and myself, we decided to create a new clan (Pure Luck) with the aim of getting a small, but qualitative good players, instead of accepting "decent players" and hope that they'll get good. It worked pretty well, Fini, Sylla & Kriki joined and we got a couple of seeds, sometimes being the only one winning a match against the Ladle-Winners. After that, more and more players went inactiv, we had to accept more players in order to have enough for the Ladle and at one point we decided to go for 2 Teams, since we had lots of applications. That more or less failed, and i decided to leave, moving along to another game with Eber for some time. When i came back, i decided to join the ressurected Meet Your Maker, which i left shortly after because it wasn't the clan i was hoping it to be.

Clan History

  • Zirka~
  • ~'Untitled.
  • .Still Alive.
  • ~*Speeders*~
  • Pure Luck
  • \\MeetYourMaker

Ladle History

Ladle Team Lost In Teams Beat Lost To
Ladle 35 Zirka Sweet Sixteen None ~*Speeders*~
Ladle 36 None None None None
Ladle 37 ~*SPD*~ Quarter Finals Open Team Rogue Tronners
Ladle 38 None None None None
Ladle 39 None None None None
Ladle 40 Survivors Sweet Sixteen None Rogue Tronners
Ladle 41 Still Alive Sweet Sixteen None ~*SPD*~
Ladle 42 ~*SPD*~ Quarter Finals United Noobs of Armagetron Rogue Tronners
Ladle 43 ~*SPD*~ Quarter Finals Orgasmic Open Operatives ~*Speeders*~
Ladle 44 Still Alive Quarter Finals Please Res Us! Rogue Tronners
Ladle 45 ~*SPD*~ Quarter Finals United Noobs of Armagetron Crazy Tronners A
Ladle 46 ~*SPD*~ Quarter Finals United Noobs of Armagetron \\MeetYourMaker
Ladle 47 Already Dead Sweet Sixteen Deja Vu Twixted Xats
Ladle 48 Pure Luck Quarter Finals United Noobs of Armagetron \\MeetYourMaker
Ladle 49 Pure Luck Opening Round None ~*Speeders*~
Ladle 50 Pure Luck Semi Finals Please Res Us!; Rogue Tronners \\MeetYourMaker
Ladle 51 Pure Luck Quarter Finals Elite Team Team.uNk
Ladle 52 Pure Luck Quarter Finals Team Elite ~*Speeders*~
Ladle 53 Pure Luck Semi Finals Immortal Dynasty; Twixted Xats Crazy Tronner A
Ladle 54 Pure Luck Semi Finals United Noobs of Armagetron; Team Elite \\MeetYourMaker
Ladle 55 Pure Luck Sweet Sixteen None Elite Team
Ladle 56 Pure Luck Sweet Sixteen None Crazy Tronners B
Ladle 57 Pure Luck Sweet Sixteen None Rogue Tronners
Ladle 58 Team.uNk Semi Finals Pure Luck; rZ` and Friends ~*Speeders*~
Ladle 59 Revolver Quarter Finals None Rogue Tronners


  • Ladle - 4 Semi Finals with Pure Luck & Team.uNk
  • CTF Brawl - 2 Victories with Speeders & Pure Luck
  • War Sumo Tournament - 4 Semi Finals in a row with <3; Formula 1; Two & 1/2 Men & Twilight
  • Fortress Cafe - 1 Victory with Speeders
  • Wildcat Tournament - 1 Victory
  • Vertical Bar Playoffs - 2nd Place
  • Deathmatch Tournament - 3rd Place


I use the version of armagetron & custom cam 115fov & custom cam 70fov for mazing only.