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Better known as nuby (not to be confused with nubilous, sei'nub, newbÎe or Nub.rZ´). Also known as godspeed you! From Málaga, Spain. Tronning since November '07 (on and off).

Early years

Started playing in medium rubber deathmatch servers like Durka Durka Land or Norm's Place and got into Tight Dogfight/High Rubber. I was accepted into what I remember to be my first clan ever, Death By Distraction (dBd) under the alias "Shadow" but never played any tournaments or clan wars. Months later, I went inactive as well as many people in dBd and took a break from Armagetron. I started playing Sumo under the nickname 'Player nub' in the summer of 2008 and shortly after, Fortress. One of my first tournament experiences was my participation in Ladle 18, playing for pike's open team, which increased my involvement in the Fortress scene and meant the beginning of my career as a Fortress/Sumo player.


These are the players that influenced my gameplay and inspired me to build my skill set, directly or indirectly:

  • newbÎe
  • Infamous
  • Gonzap
  • Eckz

Teams/Clans I played for

Tournament participations