From Armagetron


Pre-2010: lived in HK fulltime, so nobody knew me really. I did make a clan called FE, (flag elite) and we were semi-successful in ctf. That clan is now called untitled.

Ladle 33: Restarted tron literally days before this. CT-Beta put me on their team but I didn't get to play :(

Ladle 34: Played for Open team. lost vs ID in the opening round. Last round of the second match I get lag-kicked while still alive. I believe if that didn't happen, we would have won...

Ladle 35: Back in HK, but managed to play with Open team again (with 400 ping). Lost first round against 3 Tx members... if I was in the UK I think we could have won.

Ladle 36: Played with Tronners Unlimited this time, and lost against UNK in the first round...

Ladle 37: Played with Tronners Unlimited again, and possibly my best chance yet: DS in the first round with a mainly Euro team, against my team which was mainly US, and in a US server... They won a close first match, but we scraped out victourious 2-1! Lost vs SP (who came second) after that though

Ladle 38: Now I am firmly with Tu, we are facing OT in the opening round. I thought this would be a nice easy victory, but then several high skilled freelancers (noteably liz) joined this open team, and with a poor showing of only 3 other Tu members on the day, we managed to only scrape out a 2-1 defeat.

Ladle 39: Having been drawn against a few 'easy' teams for the past ladles, I wasn't surprised to see us being drawn against a seeded team, Speeders. However, I was surprised by their ability on the day, and after a few close matches, we again, just lost out, in a gritting 2-1 defeat with a full server of spectators. Later I discovered most/all of the Speeders were having lag issues which gave us the advantage.

Ladle 40: This being the second time we were drawn against uNk, I was hopeful that we'd do better than our previous disapointing defeat. We certainly managed to win more than 1 round against them, but we were really no match, getting steamrolled 2-0

Ladle 41: My anguish at being drawn against uNk for the second time in a row, and third out of 6 Tu ladle appearances was heard throughout the grid. uNk brought their A-game again, although the matches were closer than before, we still lost out.

Ladle 42: Finally, after our poor luck with brackets we were drawn against pru, a team I thought we stood a chance against. However, some ID members wanted to play, but missed signup. We were given the second bye, so after uNk refused them to play in the opening round, I decided why not. With 90% of the fort community predicting Tu would lose to pru, and half of those again for ID, we managed to pull not one, but two upset victories, as we won against both of these opponants 2-0. However, our blitz was cut short by a ladle-hungry SP, who annhiilated us, and went on to lose a close finals against CT.