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Wild West Clan

The Wild West Clan was founded in April of 2008. Destiny, the founder of the clan, and founder of the Wild West Forums posted the founding of the Wild West Clan on April 1, 2008 as an April Fools joke. However, so many people not only believed the joke, but had a positive reaction to the idea, that she, and the other founders of the clan, decided to start a clan. They are a little different than most clans in tron. Probably because the founders of Wild West, Destiny and Manta, at the time were a married couple, the culture of the Wild West Clan is that of one big happy family. Anyhow, Manta left in a horrible, terrible way and Destiny went AFK. The leadership was then turned over to Johnny, Echo & CompGuyGene. Together they rebuilt the forums, servers and brought back a dying clan from the brink of destruction.

Clan Divisions

Dog Fight, Sumo, Fortress, Capture the Flag, and Shooting


Wild West was originally started by Manta and Destiny. They both quit Armagetronad so Leadership has changed hands a couple times and is now run by Johnny, Echo & CompGuyGene. Johnny has held together the clan through a turbulent time and is the major liaison between Ww and the rest of the Armagetronad community and clans. Echo Rebuilt the Forums and hosts a ladle server. CompGuyGene assisted with the forums and pretty much runs almost all of our other servers as well as two ladle servers in the US and Germany.

The current Wild west discord [1]

Current Members