Windows Installation

From Armagetron

Installing Armagetron Advanced under Windows is a fairly straight-forward process, as an installation wizard is provided with the setup package. You should already have the required setup file/s for installing Armagetron (available from the Main Project Website), and it is assumed that you have the necessary user rights for your user profile to install applications under Windows 2000 and later.

If you have problems installing Armagetron and the answers are not provided here or on the FAQ page, please try the forums, or our IRC Channel.

Step-by-Step Installation for Version 0.2.8.X or 0.3.X

  1. Find the location that you downloaded the setup package to and double-click the file icon, setup will start
  2. Select your preferred language from the list box and click OK
  3. Read the introductory text and click Next >
  4. Read the GNU General Public License and if agreeable, click I Agree
  5. Choose an install location for Armagetron, either by typing it into the box, or by clicking Browse... and navigating to the directory. Unless you know that your programs are installed in a different location, the default installation location will be correct.
  6. Click Install, the setup package will now install all of the necessary files, create an Armagetron Advanced program group in your start Menu and create a shortcut on the desktop.
  7. If you wish to run Armagetron Advanced right away, click Finish, otherwise untick the box and click finish.


You're ready to play! Read on here.