From Armagetron


Was founded in 2014 and is a great clan.O official clan site is http://zz-forums.proboards.com/ it is the clan administrators: jas0n, winner3.Saw .The founder of the site is jas0n and other leaders are: Winner3, Saw.Esse clan is to proficionais and dedication to jogo.E people is a great FAMILY!


When saw, winner3 and jas0n thought was a great idea to create a new clan called Zz.Zz means Zeuz, coming from veloz.E is also a full clan oportunidades.E the CanL has many opportunities that anyone who is ready to take it seriously and also be pro JOGO.Isoo is in a bit of history if you want more visiti our site http://zz-forums.proboards.com/ .Now if you want to join the clan register and talk email us jas0n: jasonvoohers2015@outlook.com