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Armagetron Fortress League
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The deadline for registering teams for the short summer season in July, 2007, is June 5

The Armagetron Fortress League is currently planning. Watch this space for information as it becomes available.

  • Due to some apparent request (but failure to actually contact any AFL people directly), teams will be allowed to recruit players until June 20, but no new teams may sign up. Some teams are short players, so please get this taken care of. As of June 20, teams that are short players will be allowed to combine or rearrange, but absolutely no new players may join. Rosters will be final, and any changes needed after June 20 must be negotiated. Contact Lucifer in #armagetron if you don't like posting on the forums.
  • We're planning a free short season in July, 2007, with a 4-team playoff in August. This is to test the league organization and the rules before we start the first serious season.
  • The first serious season will start up sometime in September. The details are being worked out. The second season will be in the spring, and after that we hope to run 2 seasons every year, one in the fall and one in the spring.