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Here are the administration contacts for the various sites operated by the Armagetron Advanced Development Team. As you'll notice, the development team is fairly spread out geographically and each administers a server according to his own interest in doing so. Periodically policies may vary from server to server, depending both on the legal environments in which each server operates and the personal tastes of the administrator.

All of these sites have proper titles that start with "Armagetron Advanced", but that part is removed to make reading the list easier.


This wiki is running on Lucifer's server and currently has three extra sysops. Lucifer's fairly laid back, but he doesn't dole out administration privileges either. You have to have both a strong interest in doing it and a demonstrated ability to handle the responsibility involved.

Here are the contacts:

  • Lucifer ( dave at )
  • Nemostultae ( please use the forums )
  • Your_mom (please use the forums)
  • Wrtlprnft (please use the forums or Talk page)


The Armagetron Advanced Website is on a server in Sweden operated by Tank Program. Like Lucifer, Tank Program is a fairly laid back person. Also like Lucifer, he doesn't necessarily have a lot of time to update the website. So please relax a bit if you ask for something and it isn't done right away. It's not malice or anything like that, Tank works pretty hard to make everyone happy and does a fine job of it.

  • Tank Program ( please use the forums )


The Armagetron Advanced Forums are our longest-standing web asset, and have been operated by Tank Program since the beginning of time. He will likely operate them until the end of time, and that's fine, right?

  • Tank Program ( please use the forums )

Resource Repository

The central resource repository is maintained by Luke-Jr and located at Note that this repository URI, while user browsable, is meant for access by the game only and is not supported for user browsing. There's a dedicated resource browser with previews for maps, though. For more information, see the page on the resource repository in the map making handbook.

  • Luke-Jr ( luke at )

Beta Website

Random experimental stuff that will eventually become part of the official site is located at for testing. The site is hosted by Luke-Jr in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. There are currently seven people with access to change stuff on the site: Klax, Lucifer, Luke-Jr, Phillippeqc, Nemostultae, Tank Program, and z-man.

  • Luke-Jr ( luke at )
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