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This is the in-progress schedule for the July short season.

Schedule Notes

Times are provided in two columns. The first column is GMT and is not adjusted for daylight savings. This is the canonical time, and any mistakes made translating to other time zones are mistakes, GMT will be used to resolve such mistakes. The second column is the time in Los Angeles, which will be PDT for the short July season. For other seasons, daylight savings adjustments will happen mid-season, and this column should always reflect the correct time in Los Angeles for the given GMT. This should help to accomodate North Americans, and for those who do not follow federal US daylight savings practices, you should be able to work from the time in Los Angeles or GMT. For anybody in the US, you probably already know your own local time in relation to Los Angeles.

Scheduling Practices

Each game is allotted 1 hour of playtime. Games can run late, and a team failing to show up for a game when scheduled back to back is excused if the first game runs late. This could upset a busy schedule, so please adhere to the schedule! However, a team that shows up late to the first game and causes the second game to run late could face forfeiting the second game. You only get the pass if you showed up on time in good faith for the first game, and the first game legitimately ran late.

The Schedule

TODO: Make the schedule.  :)

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