Advanced Server Administration Guide

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So you've been running a server for awhile and now you'd like to do more with it? Maybe you've found that there are some punk-ass players out there that you really want to kick off your server? Maybe your players are asking for more, and you're saying "Hell yeah!" but you don't know what to actually do about it?

You've come to the right place!

Dealing with unruly players

There are several ways to deal with unruly players. We'll touch on each of them here.


One common way is to have a group of moderators available so that your server usually has people logged in and playing who can use in-game admin to kick evil-doers out of the server. You do this by setting ADMIN_PASS in your settings_custom.cfg file and then giving that password out to your preferred moderators. Then they will use the password like this:

While playing on the server, in a chat prompt, type /login ADMIN_PASS, replacing ADMIN_PASS with the password you have set for the server. This logs the player into the in-game admin system. Now you can execute commands with /admin COMMAND ARGUMENTS. Use /logout to leave the in-game admin system.

Every command is available, so be cautious to whom you give your ADMIN_PASS!