Custom Camera

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The custom camera, unlike the smart camera, does not swing widely around when you turn, and it stays at a fixed pitch, rise, and back.


There are three settings that affect your custom_camera:

  • camera_custom_back -- The position of the camera behind the cycle
  • camera_custom_pitch -- The angle the camera is at
  • camera_custom_rise -- The height of the camera

You must edit these settings in your configuration files to make them become permanent. If the settings are changed through the console they will be lost upon quit. You can do this by opening your user.cfg file (located with the other configuration files, which varies from installation to installation) and copy and paste the examples here.


Please add any good combinations that you find!

Default settings

  • camera_custom_back 30
  • camera_custom_pitch -0.7
  • camera_custom_rise 20

nemostultae's settings

  • camera_custom_back 20
  • camera_custom_pitch -1
  • camera_custom_rise 20

Miscellaneous Settings


  • camera_custom_back 3.1
  • camera_custom_pitch -0.5
  • camera_custom_rise 2


  • camera_custom_back 6.5
  • camera_custom_pitch -0.5
  • camera_custom_rise 5