Extending Armagetron Advanced

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People like to extend and hack on Armagetron Advanced. Normally they just make moviepacks, sometimes they make other things. Maybe you'd like to make something but you just don't know where to start or what to do. These pages should give you some help in that pursuit.

Model Formats

If you want to make a new model, you're going to need to know what formats are supported by what parts of the code and where to put them. This is part of making a moviepack, but deserves its own separate discussion.


How do you make textures? Where do you put them? What possibilities are there that are known? You'll have to dream up new possibilities yourself.


Wrapping it all up, put your model and textures into a moviepack! Here are directions on how to do exactly that and distribute it.

Code hacks

What code hacks are available? If you've got a compiler available and a little bit of programming abilities, there are plenty of fun things you can do to the game directly. Who knows? Do something cool and put it here and it might make it into a future version of the game.