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  1. Captains are chosen by the community before the day.
  2. Captains are given admin powers to kick those players from the grid who do not follow the Players code of conduct.
  3. Captains are responsible for chosing team mates.
  4. Captains agree who is gold/blue.
  5. With more than 2 teams, a brackets-like event is conducted, with each round lasting an hour, best of 5.


  1. Players honour this code of conduct.
  2. Because there is no official way to enforce incam, we must rely on the players themselves to promise they are adopting incam.
  3. No accusation of cheating will be voiced, and if so, the admin and other players have powers to kick a player who begins such an accusation.
  4. The point is to have fun, and you should behave in a manner that is conducive to everybody having fun, not just you.
  5. The ]i{ tag is a badge of honour to indicate that the player is following this code of conduct throughout the competition.


  1. Games are played within an hour, best of 5, maximum of 8 players per team.
  2. If more than 16 players are present, a third team is formed, and a round robin can be created: three games AB BC AC played on the hour from 19.00 GMT.
  3. With more than 24 players, four teams play in brackets.
  4. Same number of players for each team (Unbalanced teams are allowed ever since all players accept that situation, otherwise one player of the bigger team will be substitute).


  1. Settings will be standard fortress (send me any suggestion you like: rain@buio.org)
  2. Every player is supposed to not use any camera but incam and to not use the hud map of 0.3 version.
  3. There will be an administrator and a client recording the event.