International Tron World Cup

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All fortress players can participate in this tournament. Just post your name under the name of your country. Please write your name without clan tags.

This is organized in countries, if your country isn't here down, edit this page and add it, it will be nice if you respect the alphabetic order.

After all interested players register we will update this page with all the instructions of the tournament. Meanwhile here are some details:

The main plan is that it will be a fortress tournament, played in play-offs mode, when teams are ready, there will be a picture showing the brackets of the road to Tron World Cup. And if it is possible we will try to respect football world cup brackets :D

In case of some countries goes short, there will be a alliances, the way they will be is trying to join to another geo-near (example: spain+portugal->iberia, austria+switc->alps, nordics, ...) or just fusion with other short team (we will try to respect issues like belgium and netherland one :P).

A short team will be one with less than 5 players, this will be the minimum numbers of players to play a match.

Start date ->> 24 July 2006



  • 1394-freak


  • Vanhayes
  • wrtlprnft
  • JJBean


  • Voodoo


  • Blader
  • PTA
  • Z-Man
  • ~*Mephisto*~
  • $ubzero
  • Luzifer (LukeSky)
  • Slayer
  • H.A.K.


  • the godfather (italy sicily player)


  • Tidus


  • k3nny
  • Lackadaisical


  • newbie


  • cusco
  • madmax
  • (Cho)
  • WebGamer

Rebellious States of the World

  • Lucifer
  • BlAzE
  • anjori

Russia Russ.jpg

  • Ossi
  • Sasha
  • badzilla
  • doc
  • man2d

Spain.jpg Spain

  • Ady-Lucifer (From Cantabria, aka Hell)
  • ORiON
  • ChiCho (From Motril, Andalucia)
  • Xevi (From Barcelona, Catalunya CAT.gif)
  • AuRoN
  • ArcBeetle (From Cordoba, Andalucia)
  • 4400

Flag by Ady


  • Drashia

United Kingdom

  • ed (From Wales)
  • X3R (be AFRAID!)
  • )(Alex)( (from my house :D [yorkshire])
  • Infamous
  • Syllabear (From N.Ireland)
  • Dez (From England)
  • Sp33D
  • Sleepy
  • Pyroto
  • HoAX
  • 2020 (currently in scotland)
  • Pez

Usflag01.gifUnited States of America Usflag01.gif

  • gArIsImO
  • Wildcat
  • Goodygumdrops
  • Chuck
  • Dµrkå (might not make it)
  • Manta
  • PsYkO WEWT
  • Pandemonium
  • Legit
  • eclipse
  • Stewie!