Ladle 120

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The 120th TRONIC Ladle was won by Korean Meta on December 6th, 2020, thereby ending Twixted Arrows' win streak.

While The Magicians went unbeaten in the Swiss-part of the tournament, Korean Meta ultimately proved to be too strong and won the finals 2-0.


Final Bracket

  Swiss Round 1
(18:00 GMT)
Swiss Round 2
(18:30 GMT)
Swiss Round 3
(19:00 GMT)
Swiss Round 4
(19:00 GMT)
(19:30 GMT)
  Z-man's GER  Twi×ted arrows 1 Deso's EU  Paradigm 0 Z-man's GER  Pandora's B::x 0 Deso's NY  Pandora's B::x 0
Deso's NY  Korean Meta 1  Korean Meta 2 Deso's NY  Paradigm 2 Z-man's GER  Twi×ted arrows '2
  Deso's EU  The Magicians 0  Korean Meta 2  The Magicians 2 Deso's NY  The Magicians 2  The Magicians 2 Deso's EU  The Magicians 2
Deso's EU  Pandora's B::x 0 Z-man's GER  Twi×ted arrows 0 Deso's EU  Korean Meta 0  Paradigm 0


  • Twi×ted arrows (raph, Titanoboa (raph123@forums, Titanoboa@forums), olive, Ninja Potato, Andrei, dewdrop, Deso )
  • Pandora's B::x (thxmp (thxmp@forums), jameZflameZ, Delinquent, Agility, Jam, Capone )
  • Korean Meta (ahsoka, ampz (blondie@forums, ampz@forums), jericho, Nate, Ninja Potato, ppotter, mr)
  • Twi×ted arrows (raph, Titanoboa (raph123@forums, Titanoboa@forums), olive, Andrei, dewdrop, Deso, amy )
  • The Magicians (imMag (imMag@forums), weMag, heMag, pornoMag, drMag, theyMag, youMag )
  • Paradigm (Force, Over (F0RC3@forums, Overrated@forums), Johnny, Cookie, Tx, Punish, Smurf, Noodles, Hall)