Newfort, created by Jericho, is a contemporary modification of the game mode called Fortress. It is a team based mode which usually consists of two teams defending their own zone while trying to capture the enemy zone.

The Objectives

Same as Fortress, the idea of Newfort is to capture your enemies Zone(s) while defending your own from the enemies attackers. You may win by capturing the enemies Zone(s) or if all of your enemies suicide or get core-dumped.

The rounds, matches and scoring.

The first team to reach 100 points wins the match. Core-dumping your enemy, you receive 2 points which also adds 2 points to the overall team score.

The Map


The Positions

Positions in Newfort are assigned so:

       2   3
     4       5

You can change your position using the chat command:

/shuffle #

Where # is the number of the position you wish to take. Using just "/shuffle" without a number, will just shuffle you out to the last position.


Center/Centre (or middle) player starts from position #1.


Attackers start from positions 2 and 3. It is a good practice to try killing opponents' sweepers before attempting to break their defense. A good attacker is able to let his team win very quickly (when his base is well protected, of course). At start they can double grind, a technique that lets them gain a lot of speed, sometimes enough to surpass opponents' sweepers and to reach their base before the defense is completely built.


Sweepers are those who at start help the defender building the zone protection. After that, they will try to block the enemy attackers, giving their own mates more time to attack the other base.


Usually starts from the outmost position, drives along the closest mate's wall until he/she reaches the zone limit. Then begins drawing a square around the zone, as fast as possible.

The differentiation between Fortress and Newfort.

• Modified map (smaller & narrower)

• Rim Acceleration (cycle_accel_rim 1.3)

• Cycle tails are shorter (walls_length 395)