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This is a list of current servers, in alphabetical order. To see a list of old servers that no longer exist but were interesting enough to write about, visit the page about Old Servers.

Adventures of TRON

Adventures of TRON servers focus on capturing the excitement of lightcycle racing while also providing a robust single-player experience by stretching the limits of unmodified versions of ArmagatronAd. Most servers involve play between humans and AI.

  • Advanced Racing: Modeled after the scene in TRON (1982) where the main characters escape the game grid, players race against each other through several massive environments. The maps are both large and complicated, so there is plenty of exploring to do in single player mode. Go slow until you know!
  • AI Challenge II: A Combination of Destroy the MCP, MAZE-A-TRON, and AI Challenge, this server is difficult alone or with a group. The AI will win if you don't work together at some point. For 1-4 players.
  • Destroy the MCP: Try to survive the MCP's defenses long enough to safely enter the center zone. For 1-3 players.
  • MAZE-A-TRON: Collect as many zones as possible through 12 levels of play, each harder than the last. Try to get a perfect score of 12000! Single-player only.
  • Original Arcade: Based on the original, 1982 classic arcade game TRON, this server gives you a top down view and two speeds to choose from. There is a matching moviepack, which comes with settings for off-line play. A retro single-player game that is also fun for up to 4 players.
  • TRON Experience: Emulates the lightcycle scene in Tron, but from the first person perspective only. Two teams of three players face off against each other (missing players are replaced with AI). The AI are surprisingly good, and single player mode is equally fun and challenging. This server has also spawned a tournament named Illegal Exit.

Advanced Racing With race timer

  • Advanced racing maps.
  • Race timer with high scores for each map.
  • 80+ maps.
  • Maps ranging from very easy to insane.
  • Server paid for and put together by Smart.
  • Awesome race timer/map rotation script by Dukevin.

Alpha Project Servers

This is an amazing project full of abnormal modes. These modes contain settings and gameplay that were never played before in any other server yet. The type of modes currently online to play are:

  • LOVER$BOY's Hells Racing: An intense racing mode with high stakes and sharp turning with 8 axes. The maps themselves are a challenge with precision turning required to survive!

This server has timer, timer ranks and a total of 64 maps which are made my LOVER$BOY.

Cheers! The Friendly Server

The name tells, all. Cheers hosted by Angel has been around since the golden years. The server is moderated by a helpful hand of players who just enjoy the game. Visit the community, at http://wwww.Armagetron.Co.Uk/

Crazy Tronners Wild Servers

Nice fortress servers with completly different ladder system. Over 100 various maps are rotating in 14 rounds at Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (CTWF). This server also provides a few extra maps in the case of a time game at the end of 14 rounds. CTWCatfight (1v1) and CTWDogfight (2v2) are fortresses with custom maps (fake walls, speed hells, chico's rides, race, octagons and many many more) great for challenges. All originates in Europe while some have been clonesd to the United States.

.dBd|Server Network

.dBd| has several original servers spanning multiple gametypes: High Rubber, Dogfight, Fortress, Sumo; it also has several specialized servers: Flower Power, XzL.Clan The Server, Wonderland Fortress.

  • .dBd| Nano's Zombie DF: The physics were derived originally from Nightwalker's Loose DF settings, then modified by Nano, for a unique DF flavor. If that wasn't exciting enough, there are zombies. Which tend to get bigger after awhile. And follow you around rather tenaciously, until either they eat you, you trick everyone else into getting between you and the zombie, or you win the normal boring way. With their oddly manic rotation rate, these zombies are every bit 'Death by Distraction'.
  • | Nano's Playground |: A very unique server with several different settings configs. Currently this includes Classic Nano (default), Snake Hunt Mode (fighting style gameplay with very short tails), Brake Boost Chico, Trapdoor (very high wallshrink), Tail Madness (very high NEGATIVE wallshrink), Durka Durka Nano Land (a midget version of DDL), a DF mode, a mode called Fertilization (EXTREMELY tiny... like.... size_factor -13, hex axes, usually combined with a custom cam from overhead which looks straight down), and some other stuff thats not as interesting


  • Black Ice: Low Rubber
  • Black Tar: High Rubber, Walls slow you down
  • Devil's Rings: Brake to shoot
  • Fortress: Fortress style

Flynn's Arcade - .:Avl:. Clan Server

Flynn's Arcade aims to be similar to the actual movie game grid, with emphasis on maneuvering skill, not just speed and rubber (although high speeds are quite possible). Settings include relatively low rubber, moderate speed and acceleration, infinite walls, and a turbo instead of brakes on one server, and good brakes and slow speed on the other server. Brake server is sometimes used for clan training. Servers are run by .:Avl:.C10ud:. (formerly ianthetechie). Homepage is

internalDrive -=- iD Tech Camps

A server created by a student of internalDrive's iD Tech Camps program. iD Tech Camps is a computer camp that is held in many locations across the United States. iD Tech Camps' official game is Armagetron Advanced, so it probably deserved a national server. This server is pretty crowded during the summer and may contain a few newbies. However, there is typically at least one experienced player on. Regardless, it is a very fun server with constantly active admins.

This server is hosted by Master Chief with the Armagetron Advanced Superpatch, a mod of the 0.2.8 branch, on a retasked Sony Vaio. Efforts are being made to replace it with a faster server, but users have been experiencing few problems. Users generally have pings ranging from 50 to 150 on average.

Administrators are Master Chief, SmOoThIcE, Wall-E, Puffyfluff, Snoopilicious, Slyshot, and Maes Hughes. Server stats, ladder info, and who is playing can be viewed at Forums are at The official site of internalDrive is A racing server is also available that runs on at least 25 maps at the moment. Master Chief is working to improve the racing server's map selection for optimal playing.


Ion is a test server hosted by zero. It allows players to test out new server settings and maps without having to use their own server. For more information, please contact User:zero.


Two servers with no rubber, high speeds, very little deceleration, and no double binding.

  • Deathmatch: a basic free-for-all
  • Sumo: our no rubber twist on traditional sumo gameplay

Spacezone Servers

Most known server among the spacezone servers, is the High Speed server "Spacezone I" [High Speed]. A server where you must drive at High speed and try to catch you opponent. Spacezone II and III are slow speed servers with different settings.. The Spacezone formula 1 server is a server with custom maps, in here the target is to drive as fast as you can to the end of the grid into the "win zone", the one who first enters the winzone , wins the race. Visit us at

Wild West Servers:

Sumo, Team Sumo, Destiny's Sumo Treasure Island, Fortress, Fortress Shootout, Wild Fortress
Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag Shooting, Multi-Mode, d.o.g.f.i.g.h.t. 

A set of mostly low rubber servers to meet many style preferences. These servers are hosted in Texas on a Quad core Xeon server. To chat with the clan visit the forums