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Maybe we should get some screenshots to further explain these games. Roulette makes much more sense once you have seen it. The file upload is off so they would need to be served externally.
-- nemostultae (where do I set my signature?)

Try again, I think I just enabled them. I want them enabled, though.  :) --Lucifer (no idea about signatures, check the MediaWiki docs

Hmm, I managed to upload a file. It's File:Dbindforweaks.png. But I'm sysop, and I've already noticed at least one thing that works differently for sysops without telling you that it's working differently.  :( --Lucifer

Here is the syntax to make a thumbnail

An example DB setup


I love this MediaWiki thing.  :) --Lucifer

I'll make a short recording for each of them if youd like, then post the download somewhere and you can put a clickable "Example" thing there? Or ill get screenshots. I'll check for your reply and do it tomorow though, im goin to sleep now.

I guess that was written by TnA? Hard to tell, no name given.

Um, screenshots, please. Nobody should *have* to start up armagetron to see. You could make movies, too, and link to them using screenshots, but the movies should be mpeg or something, not armagetronad's own format. --Lucifer

It wasn't me, must have been TnA. --nemostultae